Member Trunk Show: Sue Duggins

Sue graciously accepted our President’s, Diane Mitchell, request to do a ‘Trunk’ Show for us after the quarterly business meeting on September 20th. She warned Diane that she did not have much to show.

Before the meeting, Sue must have hauled eight overstuffed bags and bins from her car trunk into the Hall. BTW, this is why this activity is called a ‘Trunk’ Show.

“Not much to show”, is a whopping understatement.

Sue’s handiwork covered the walls (and some of the furniture) of Independence Hall.

Her backdrop is a quilt she made for her granddaughter. The style is called Bargello. Thank you, Alyssa, for letting your grandma show us your quilt!

Vintage Dresden Quilt, circa 1920’s
Sue’s ‘Apartment Building’. Can you guess what she drew? “To be an Apartment Building, you have to have one,” Sue told us. Have what? CLICK to tell us your answer.

Sue’s True Passion Lies with her Artwork. When she takes a photo of the scene to draw and quilt later, she
Floating Blocks of DNA?
Bright and Cheery quilt, made for a daughter-in-law who loves yellow. [The back is yellow]
Old Cottonwood Tree – We can all see why it is one of Sue’s favorites.
Daisies in 3-D
Tree Stump Somewhere In Montana

Thank you, Sue! It was a pleasure to hear the history about each quilt and wall hanging. You are a very talented lady! A bunch of us are hoping someday you will teach a class for members…

just sayin’