Our Boutique

The ladies in the Independence Hall Quilter’s Guild believe this is so. However, Stephen King and Dean Koontz replaced the magazines with novels the next day.

Go figure.

The annual Quilt Faire is our guild’s primary fundraiser to pay our expenses. The Boutique has always been a large part of the Quilt Faire’s attraction. Only handmade quilts, clever crafts, and practical items created by IHQ guild members are sold in the boutique.

Our members work throughout the year to make items to sell. When you see “Workshop” on our calendar, members bring their machines and usual supplies. The work seems easier and definitely more fun than sewing alone. Workshops are just that – no formal instruction like you have in a class. If you need to finish a workshop item from a prior workshop – bring it! The purpose of these sessions is to help the boutique stock up on popular items.

Piles of beautiful quilts, high-quality runners, mats, and napkins to set your table with class. Practical and fun items like microwave bowls, aprons, newsboy hats, and sewing table organizers.

Spring is in the air, and the baby bunnies have multiplied since their workshop on April 20th.

Being on the Boutique Team is a year-round job, especially for our co-Chairs:

L->R: Paula Broglio, Cathe Billiet, Margaret Meier, and Lis Smith

These wonderful women slave for us from January to October. Collecting handmade treasures, pricing them, and hosting workshops to stock up on popular items. And look, they are still smiling!

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