A close up of Candy G.'s applique for the 2018 Scholarship Quilt, "Over the Rainbow"

Early Bird Membership Renewal

Renewal Form* AND Payment to Jodi
Before December 19

[last meeting in 2022]

Early Birds will be entered into a Raffle to Win a Basket of
Extremely Wonderful Stuff

Said Wonderful Stuff will be
Unveiled at the
December 5th Meeting

Jodi will not be at any meetings until December 5th. Please send your apps to her PO Box. Or give them to Karen Wallace, her co-chair.
Note: Checks will not be cashed until January & calendars & tickets will be distributed at that time

*A piece of paper with your name on it and “Same as Last Year” scrawled across it does not constitute a renewal form. If you cannot print one out, call Jodi (209) 795-7425, and she will mail you a form.
Your cooperation is appreciated!

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A Change in Plans

snowed in driveway
End of the Road on Sultana (Arnold, CA)

The weather people calculate and look at data. But no one really knows until it happens. Our President made an educated guess and canceled the Monday meeting for the 7th. Bravo!

The Board had to meet using our COVID backup plan – ZOOM

November 14th meeting will be full of FUN – It is Sew Pillowcases Day, and The slate of Officers for the 2023 Board will be Announced. And the usual general announcements and Sew ‘N Tell.

Hope to see ya there!

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Let it Rain!

The Quilt Faire is over for this year. All Viewer’s Choice Awards were awarded, and the results are posted on Qur Quilt Faire page.

A storm will be coming in this afternoon, and snow is expected here in Arnold (1,000 feet above Murphys). It’s November 1st, and winter is rearing its cold & ugly head early this year. A lot of us don’t feel ready for this, but it is here just the same.

Take Care & Be Safe!

News · Quilt Faire

(Not So) Wild Wednesday

Today the show entries were delivered and put in their proper places. The entire morning seemed strange to all quilt faire veterans because there weren’t any lines of people waiting to check-in. It was as if someone was secretly directing traffic.

Quilt Faire Veterns – Candy Gutierrez, Renorise Nelson-Krause, and Nadine Bowlus

All entries are works of art, and seeing them in person (instead of in photos) is the best part. For that reason, you will not see any of the show posted here.

ONLY one sneak peek of one entry to whet your appetite. And you know how lousy a photographer I am, so you’ll have to factor that in as well.

This year’s peek is wonderfully unique. I usually choose a more traditional quilt – there are many this year I fell in love with, but this one caught my eye. I decided to choose it as a “teaser” because it would appeal to both young and not-so-young alike…


I would be cheating you if I did not give you a look into our boutique now that it is no longer empty…

The Baby and Toddler Section brightens up the room
Oodles of Wonderful Things!

Our Show Opens Tomorrow, Friday, October 21st, at 10:00 am.

See You This Weekend!