While the Cat’s Away..

The mice will play.

Or in a quilt guild’s case, if the President is away, the guild will play. At least we did last week, when 1st President, Candy, was put in charge of Monday’s meeting. Because there wasn’t much business to do, Candy, a former teacher, could not have a classroom of “kids” just sitting there. So, she brought two games. The first game was a tough one. Each table was given a list of anagrams to descramble and spell out names of quilt blocks. Most tables had 2-3. However, table-4 was full of smarty-pants ladies. Table-4 not only got them all, but they were correct also.

The second game was an old guild favorite we play at Quilt Camp. Left, Right, Center. It is a dice game.


The colorful strips of fabric make a pretty centerpiece!

Table-3 (Photographer’s Table)

Also, as an added treat, three of Eileen Roberson’s quilts were on display. Eileen lives in Nevada now, but she is still a guild member. The three masterpieces will be for sale at the Quilt Faire Boutique. October 29-31, 2021.

Sign for Mountain Pines Lodge
Papa Bear
Nautical Theme

Oh yeah, in case you wanted to know who won all those strips, and now has to make a quilt with them…

Yours Truly


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