IHQ Going Global

Our 2019 Scholarship Quilt, “Heritage”, designed by Lynn Wilder, and pieced by members of the Independence Hall Quilters, is going to be featured in QuiltMania magazine in the Jan/Feb edition.   QuiltMania is a very “high end” quilt magazine printed in French, Dutch, and English, and is distributed worldwide. 

Lynn was able to borrow the quilt from the raffle winner, who happily lives locally.  She had to ship the quilt to France, so the magazine could do a photoshoot.  You can imagine how excited Lynn is about it all –  “I can’t wait to see what they do with it!”
Our entire guild is excited along with her. Many of us made blocks (under Lynn’s direction) for Heritage, so we have a part in the history of this beautiful creation. Yours truly made two of the intricate 56-piece blocks. That’s right, fifty-six little pieces – one block.
QuiltMania’s editor saw a photo of our Scholarship quilt on Lynn’s Etsy site and contacted her.  They wanted to feature the quilt and tell about our guild.  Lynn is putting together information about our guild and the quilt, at the magazine’s request.  Also, the guild will get compensation for featuring our quilt – great news for the scholarship fund!



The Local ‘War Effort’

Well, as President Trump said in one of his early March pandemic press conferences,  we are “at war with the invisible enemy.”  We are not able to mobilize (i.e., the STAY HOME order), but we have sewing machines and we know how to use them. 

Calaveras County’s Health Care District is doing its best to get masks and hand sanitizer out so everyone has one.  Yes, that means EVERYONE in Calaveras county. Even those who “don’t believe in” masking. 

The Independence Hall Quilters (IHQ) made and supplied Arnold’s Big Trees Market & Murphys’ Sierra Market with face masks, to give away to residents.

Guild President, Mary Sue Budrow (pictured), shows her multiple bags stuffed with ready-to-go facemasks.  She sets a great example for our guild members!

The photo was cropped and zoomed-in – due to Social Distancing.  We were not standing this close.  [ In case you wondered ]



A special THANK YOU to all our seamstresses who worked hard and long hours, making the guild look good

Listed in alphabetical order:

Laura Baughman, Sue Bishop, Mary Sue Budrow,  Linda Cornman, Cathy Fitzpatrick, Nancy Gardner, Kelly Green, Karin Harlan, Deanna Hoy, Carol Hutcheson, Tish Lightfoot, Anne Osincup, Jackie Sullivan, Jean Schwisow, Larie Tippetts, Linda VanBerckelaer, Doreen Whiteman, and Margaret Zavertnik


We at IHQ also want to acknowledge the many quilt guilds, across the country, who are sewing masks and donating them to first responders, hospitals, grocery stores, and who knows where else.

♥  TTFN  ♥