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  • Just One More Thing…
    The Membership Team is working on the 2023 Fall Edition of our member roster. This will be 2023’s final update and will be available at the August 21st meeting. There is one more thing we ask of you before the summer break -Look yourself up… Continue reading Just One More Thing…
  • All Quiet in the Hall
    With a bunch of the guild at Quilt Camp and not at Monday’s meeting, the Hall was so quiet. Without many conversations going on at once, it was a peaceful feeling. One meeting per year is like that. We are looking forward to the following… Continue reading All Quiet in the Hall
  • Change
    Hey, it had to happen at some point. There have been things moving around on our website. New pages, images, and content too. Have you noticed? Pages are being updated and created. Select a page from the menu, but it isn’t there anymore. “It was… Continue reading Change

About Our Location:

Arnold is situated in California’s Gold Country, on the Sierra Nevada Mountains’ western slope, about halfway between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, at 4,000 ft. elevation.

This area is well known as a recreational and vacation area, including the town of Murphys, Angels Camp, and the Calaveras Big Trees Grove of majestic giant redwoods. Also, Bear Valley Ski Resort is one of California’s better ski areas.

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