Quilt Guild Celebrates 40 Years

The Independence Hall Quilters Guild has been meeting, sewing, and enjoying each others company for 40 years. A detailed history of our guild is found on the Bicentennial Quilt page.

Laken And Katie
Laken Cabral, 14 and Katie Arndt, 98

Our June 6 meeting was attended by most of our members and all the tables were full!  Our youngest and the oldest member were present and happy to take a photo together!

The rest of our 114 members fall somewhere in between. The anniversary will be commemorated with a luncheon at the Snowflake Lodge on Saturday.

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Photography by: Candy Gutierrez

Meet the 2016 Board Members

Our 2016 Independence Hall Quilters Board Members



The IHQ 2016 Board Members introduced themselves and shared a bit of past & current projects.  So much talent in one room!!

I had intended to photograph each board member with their art, but I did not realize the “show” would be an informal “Sew & Tell”, and I quickly lost the opportunity. I blame my croup, or whatever hideous virus it is that still lingers, and sucks all energy.

So… if any board members feel they should have gotten a mention, but got lost into the black hole that is my brain, fear not!  Contact your local webmistress and request a private showing.

Photos of the displayed art taken prior to our meeting:

EileensFlannelCQ EileensScrapySampler
Comfort Quilt by Eileen Scrappy Sampler by Eileen
CowboysDesignByTisha JoanPsStripQuilt
Cowboys, Designed by Tisha Joan’s seashore design
PrezsPurseAndStarburst LogCabinsN-Stars
Linda’s wall art & purse Years of hard work!
BlocksOfBlue JeanSch-BabyBlanket
Blocks of Blues Bunny Baby Quilt (bad photo)
Brightest Sampler


Pictured in group photo (L-R)
President, Linda VanBerckelaer; (in back) Co-Treasurers: Debbie McGee & Karin Harlan; Independence Hall Liaison: Jackie Sullivan; Member at Large: Nancy Gardner; 2nd VP: Margaret Zavertnik; 2nd VP: Eileen Roberson; Member at Large: Carolyn Rector; Advisor: Joanne Padelford; Member at Large: Judy Allhizer; Parliamentarian & 2016 Quilt Faire Chair: Joan Patterson.

Not pictured: Treasurer, Ann Osincup ; Secretary, Jodi Lea Greenfield

What Happens at IHQ – Does Not Stay at IHQ…

The Independence Hall Quilter’s Guild meets on Monday mornings. Our meetings are normally great, however last weeks meeting was particularly outstanding. And unlike Vegas, we are happy to talk about it.

Our very own Katie Arndt celebrated her 97th birthday with us, and graciously spoke about the wisdom she gathered over the years. Katie is one of our guild’s ‘founding quilter’ and worked on the bicentennial quilt which was IHQ’s first project.

Katie Arndt's 97th Birthday
Happy 97th Birthday Katie!

Katie's sense of humor kept us in stitches
Katie’s humor keeps us in stitches. (Stitches, get it?)

But wait, there’s more!

Roxanne Borean, producer and director of this year’s Quilt Camp skit, arranged a special encore performance for those of us who did not make it to camp.

The actors had the most fun
The actors seemed to have the most fun of all!


The story took a backseat to the way it was presented. Being a visual skit, the “troop”  used props, signs, sewing notions, and miscellaneous junk to convey the story that Roxanne narrated.

A Dark Cloud Looms
A Dark Cloud Looms
All eyes on center stage
All eyes on center stage






We laughed hysterically when the “dark cloud” loomed, and when Diane Mitchell and Margaret Zavertnik showed the passing of time. Watching them trying to keep a straight face was an entire giggle of its own.  When the skit was over, Carolyn Rector and Eileen Roberson closed the curtains.

Time Passes...Slowly
Time Passes…Slowly

Bravo, ladies!

The Curtains Close
The Curtains Close.  (The End)









You may have noticed in the background the beautiful quilts, wall hangings, table runners and pillowcases hanging on the walls. When a member finishes a comfort quilt, or personal project, it gets hung on the wall for a day to be admired before it goes out to brighten someone else’s day. It’s hard to let them go sometimes – but, it’s what we do.


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