Quilt Faire

The Aftermath

Quilt Faire 2014 has come and gone. Quilters & their families are sighing with relief that the wildness is over. Until next year. We should be rested up by then.

Take-down. In layman’s terms, “come get your quilts!”

Granted, the aftermath of a Quilt Faire (QF) is not as horrific as, let’s say, a nuclear bomb would be. Nevertheless, it’s a large job. Next year – I need to wear my camera around my neck with a lanyard. To remind me to shoot photos. I will have a new camera next year. One that should take more than 10 photos before the batteries are dead.

The lovely 2014 Scholarship Quilt was won by a Guild Member this year: Jennifer Cabral!

The Take Down crew, lead by the same guy that leads the Take In crew – my hubby, are very efficient. I think it only took 25-30 minutes to get them down and back to their owner’s.

Quilts are down and gone!
Quilts are down and gone!

Anything not done after 5pm, is put off until the next day’s cleanup posse. Because pizza is waiting for us, to celebrate another successful Faire.


Check back next week when we announce our Viewer’s Choice Awards!