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Day One

If you have ever wondered what happens behind the scenes putting on a Quilt Show, this is your chance. There are a lot of areas that yours truly does not work in, so I can’t talk about setting up our Boutique or Country Store, but I do know something about getting a showroom ready to hang quilts…

Day One, Monday, is the major set up day. We will skip all of the preparations leading up to this day for now. [Please let us know if you are interested in all the nitty gritty. We love to talk about it!]

Custom made frames are put together for each show – entries vary in sizes and no two shows are the same. There are no re-runs in the Mountain Heirloom Quilt Faire. Each quilt has it’s own special place, measured and built for it.



The long counter in front of the “bar” area (below) belongs to Barbara Cleveland, and her dolls. She spent a lot of time arranging the curtains today, and will have a lot more work to do on Day Two, Wednesday, when the Dolls arrive.


Also ready to roll are the ‘Gallery’ frames that display wall hangings:



2016-glenessoverseesDuring the building and setting up, the “sweat shop” is busy ironing pounds of white cotton ‘skirts’ and ‘drapes’. These will hang around and under the quilts, adding a touch of elegance to the display. I do not have a photo of that – probably too busy ironing.



Gleness Nelson drapes the “skirts” on the lower pole of the Main Quilt Room frames.

When all are in place, and weighted down with small metal poles, and the long drapes were ironed and the skirts hung – Day One is finished for the Framing Team.

Susan Scott is still smiling this afternoon, after hours of ironing both skirts and drapes. She now helps Gleness getting the skirts hung so they can both go home.







Nadine Bowlus & Veda Kenk also smile while they work on the ‘Wearable Art’  display.




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What Happens at IHQ – Does Not Stay at IHQ…

The Independence Hall Quilter’s Guild meets on Monday mornings. Our meetings are normally great, however last weeks meeting was particularly outstanding. And unlike Vegas, we are happy to talk about it.

Our very own Katie Arndt celebrated her 97th birthday with us, and graciously spoke about the wisdom she gathered over the years. Katie is one of our guild’s ‘founding quilter’ and worked on the bicentennial quilt which was IHQ’s first project.

Katie Arndt's 97th Birthday

Happy 97th Birthday Katie!

Katie's sense of humor kept us in stitches

Katie’s humor keeps us in stitches. (Stitches, get it?)

But wait, there’s more!

Roxanne Borean, producer and director of this year’s Quilt Camp skit, arranged a special encore performance for those of us who did not make it to camp.

The actors had the most fun

The actors seemed to have the most fun of all!


The story took a backseat to the way it was presented. Being a visual skit, the “troop”  used props, signs, sewing notions, and miscellaneous junk to convey the story that Roxanne narrated.

A Dark Cloud Looms

A Dark Cloud Looms

All eyes on center stage

All eyes on center stage






We laughed hysterically when the “dark cloud” loomed, and when Diane Mitchell and Margaret Zavertnik showed the passing of time. Watching them trying to keep a straight face was an entire giggle of its own.  When the skit was over, Carolyn Rector and Eileen Roberson closed the curtains.

Time Passes...Slowly

Time Passes…Slowly

Bravo, ladies!

The Curtains Close

The Curtains Close.  (The End)









You may have noticed in the background the beautiful quilts, wall hangings, table runners and pillowcases hanging on the walls. When a member finishes a comfort quilt, or personal project, it gets hung on the wall for a day to be admired before it goes out to brighten someone else’s day. It’s hard to let them go sometimes – but, it’s what we do.


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Meet Our 2015 Board Members


The Independence Hall Quilter’s Executive Board for 2015

Front Row: Linda VanBerckelaer
Second Row (L-R): Margaret Zavertnik; Joanne Padelford; Eileen Roberson; Carolyn Rector.
Top Row (L-R): Jackie Sullivan; Diane Mitchell; Susan Scott; Lisa Lee; Debbie McGee; Jodi Lea Greenfield; Edie Diegoli; Nancy Cooper; Joan Patterson


President: Linda VanBerckelaer
1st VPs:  Lisa Lee & Diane Mitchell
2nd VPs: Margaret Zavertnik &
Eileen Roberson
Rec. Sec.: Jodi Lea Greenfield
Treasurer: Susan Scott
IH Liaison:  Jackie Sullivan
Advisor:  Joanne Padelford
Parliamentarian: Joan Patterson
2015 Q.F. Chair: Joan Patterson
Members at Large:

  • Carolyn Rector
  • Nancy Cooper
  • Edie Diegoli

The Aftermath

Quilt Faire 2014 has come and gone. Quilters & their families are sighing with relief that the wildness is over. Until next year. We should be rested up by then.


Take-down. In layman’s terms, “come get your quilts!”

Granted, the aftermath of a Quilt Faire (QF) is not as horrific as, let’s say, a nuclear bomb would be. Nevertheless, it’s a large job. Next year – I need to wear my camera around my neck with a lanyard. To remind me to shoot photos. I will have a new camera next year. One that should take more than 10 photos before the batteries are dead.


The lovely 2014 Scholarship Quilt was won by a Guild Member this year: Jennifer Cabral!

The Take Down crew, lead by the same guy that leads the Take In crew – my hubby, are very efficient. I think it only took 25-30 minutes to get them down and back to their owner’s.

Quilts are down and gone!

Quilts are down and gone!

Anything not done after 5pm, is put off until the next day’s cleanup posse. Because pizza is waiting for us, to celebrate another successful Faire.


Check back next week when we announce our Viewer’s Choice Awards!