Art Quilts on Display

What a fun-packed time at IHQ today!
A short Quarterly Business Meeting, then on to a special trunk show by Sandra Mollon, an International professional instructor, and author.

Sandra lives in our own Calaveras County and is not a stranger to our guild. We look forward to her teaching a class in May on her art quilt technique.  Students in her class will be working on photographic images transformed into art quilts.

We will be working on an appliqued Lily similar to this one:


The walls of the main room were covered with gorgeous artwork  At first glance, many looked like photographs. Until you took a closer look and could see the intricate piecing and quilting.

Entire Landscape

Somewhat Closer

Really Close Up

Since Sandra was here today we were able to book a different class for 2021. She will teach her Thread Painting technique that she used while making this artwork:

Thank you so much for sharing your art, Sandra!  We will see you back in May.


♥  TTFN  ♥

Photos of Sandra Mollon’s art were taken with her expressed permission.

What is Going On Here?

 Yes, these are the wonderful women of IHQ.  Today they are taking a class. So, why are there no sewing machines, or fabrics around?

Quilters learn new techniques every year, from professional teachers and talented members.  Monday’s class is both professional & member taught. Our scheduled instructor, Terrie Kygar, fell ill and could not travel last year. Candy Gutierrez was taught by Terrie Kygar and became qualified to teach the technique.

The technique?  Crayon Applique. Ms. Kygar, and now our Candy, does a no-iron version called “Brush & Blend”.  I haven’t been able to take either class, but I have seen these breathtaking images created by everyone.









Aren’t they luscious with color?


Candy stands, supervising the coloring. I wonder if she ever taught Kindergarten?


Concentration and focus this class is commanding.  Not the usual banter or giggles are heard in the room.  Yet, each student I spoke with assured me they were having a lot of fun.  Some were even smiling as they colored – like Kindergarteners’ do.

♥  TTFN  ♥


Written by Jodi Lea G.
Photos taken by same.

Quilter’s Will Resume August 19th…

Summer weather (100+ degrees), and summer break are here! Independence Hall will be converted into a Flea Market for the next 6 weeks, and IH Quilters will be helping out on the Tues and Thurs work days.

The last Row by Row Class (until Fall) was small in numbers but big in fun! Rows 7 & 8 are not paper piecing, so the grumbling was at a minimum. At least about paper piecing, Ha!

Although we all worked hard on our projects, we chatted, giggled, and enjoyed ourselves. Nothing unusual about that – our classes have that in common, no matter what we are trying to learn.

Because the photographer sculked around, quietly snapping pix, you can’t see that we all had smiles on our faces!

You will have to trust me on this…


Fearless(?) Free-Motion Quilting

If you ever have the chance to attend a Quilting Class from Jenny Lyon – take it!

Jenny came up to our guild to teach her 2-day intermediate level: “Fearless Free Motion Fills & Frills” class. Most of us had dabbled with free motion after Susan Scott’s class, who told us we were ready for Jenny’s course. So we booked her and looked forward to this new adventure in quilting.

For the first couple hours of class, Jenny showed us examples and did demonstrations that she projected on a screen large enough to see exactly what she was, so quickly and beautifully, doing. She taught us about the best thread to use for which project, ditto for needle sizes. She also explained about fabrics to use.


“Morning Breeze”


Close Up-Morning Breeze






Another Close Up

Jenny has a wealth of knowledge to pass along – how-to tips, effective fix’s, and her experience with basting and marking. Her ability to walk us through the movements needed to create a motif, draw them on the chalkboard, and had the class draw them on paper to practice the motions. By the FMQ-JennysValuableAdvice2time she let us loose to sew we had a good idea (with our brains, anyway) what we were supposed to be doing.

The 2nd day, she took turns showing us a motif then lead the classes discussion on how best to go about quilting our fellow students quilts. We were gathered around Jenny, mesmerized (some of us terrified), by the decision-making process involved.


Whether you are a visual, audible or tactile learner, Jenny can communicate to you.  She demonstrated on her machine, then showed us the “moves” on the chalkboard, while she walked us verbally through the motif we were learning. She had a humorous mantra for each different motif, which she shared with us. Her informal and personal manner made us all relax and enjoy learning. Even when we felt nervous, she inspired us to “do it!”


A photo can not show the beauty in this colorful wall hanging (especially mine)

No matter how awful your motif looked, she could find a place in the quilting where you were actually doing it correctly. She told us that having that little part of clarity, showed we could do it and only practice would perfect it. In one of the hand-outs she laid out her 21-day plan for successful Free Motion Quilting (FMQ), listed recommended books and helpful YouTube’s and websites.

After 2 full days of learning, our brains are full! But we have Jenny’s website as well as her excellent handouts of motif instructions. Those of us who had quilts to consult with Jenny now have homework – send her a photo of our finished product.

My favorite wall hanging in Jenny’s collection is this one:


She did gorgeous bead work, in addition to her perfect quilting. A close up shows just how intricate this piece is.


Thank you Jenny for teaching us what we needed to know, and your patience while we were trying to do it!

♥  TTFN  ♥

Photos of quilted work are not for distribution, they belong to Jenny K. Lyon ©, and are being used here with her expressed permission.