Sun Printing

Last Monday one of our newest members, Caroline Earhart, taught a class called “Sun Printing”.  Upon seeing this technique used by Caroline in some of her quilts, we convinced her to teach a class for those who wanted to learn. Students spent time gathering leaves, sticks, ferns, branches, and bark before the class day, to put designs on fabric using solar energy.

We are looking forward to seeing what these ladies create from this amazing fabric!

                    A Lovely Tree Emerges
                     Sue & Margie Consulting
                 Valarie Works Her Masterpiece
                                  Solar Processing


Photos provided by Caroline Earhart

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Fearless(?) Free-Motion Quilting

If you ever have the chance to attend a Quilting Class from Jenny Lyon – take it!

Jenny came up to our guild to teach her 2-day intermediate level: “Fearless Free Motion Fills & Frills” class. Most of us had dabbled with free motion after Susan Scott’s class, who told us we were ready for Jenny’s course. So we booked her and looked forward to this new adventure in quilting.

For the first couple hours of class, Jenny showed us examples and did demonstrations that she projected on a screen large enough to see exactly what she was, so quickly and beautifully, doing. She taught us about the best thread to use for which project, ditto for needle sizes. She also explained about fabrics to use.

“Morning Breeze”
Close Up-Morning Breeze





Another Close Up

Jenny has a wealth of knowledge to pass along – how-to tips, effective fix’s, and her experience with basting and marking. Her ability to walk us through the movements needed to create a motif, draw them on the chalkboard, and had the class draw them on paper to practice the motions. By the FMQ-JennysValuableAdvice2time she let us loose to sew we had a good idea (with our brains, anyway) what we were supposed to be doing.

The 2nd day, she took turns showing us a motif then lead the classes discussion on how best to go about quilting our fellow students quilts. We were gathered around Jenny, mesmerized (some of us terrified), by the decision-making process involved.


Whether you are a visual, audible or tactile learner, Jenny can communicate to you.  She demonstrated on her machine, then showed us the “moves” on the chalkboard, while she walked us verbally through the motif we were learning. She had a humorous mantra for each different motif, which she shared with us. Her informal and personal manner made us all relax and enjoy learning. Even when we felt nervous, she inspired us to “do it!”

A photo can not show the beauty in this colorful wall hanging (especially mine)

No matter how awful your motif looked, she could find a place in the quilting where you were actually doing it correctly. She told us that having that little part of clarity, showed we could do it and only practice would perfect it. In one of the hand-outs she laid out her 21-day plan for successful Free Motion Quilting (FMQ), listed recommended books and helpful YouTube’s and websites.

After 2 full days of learning, our brains are full! But we have Jenny’s website as well as her excellent handouts of motif instructions. Those of us who had quilts to consult with Jenny now have homework – send her a photo of our finished product.

My favorite wall hanging in Jenny’s collection is this one:


She did gorgeous bead work, in addition to her perfect quilting. A close up shows just how intricate this piece is.


Thank you Jenny for teaching us what we needed to know, and your patience while we were trying to do it!

♥  TTFN  ♥

Photos of quilted work are not for distribution, they belong to Jenny K. Lyon ©, and are being used here with her expressed permission.

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Manic Monday

Monday was the Beginning Log Cabin, Part I class, and those who were signed up arrived by 9:00am. The drive through town was wet, dreary and foggy. In other words, a great day to spend sewing!

A lot of exciting things happened that Monday.

The biggest news – our grant proposal to fund a “mobile” sewing class that provides local Middle and High school students the opportunity to learn to sew/quilt, was awarded the full amount we requested!  The money will go toward the purchase of machines and tools for the students to use in a hands-on environment, at their own school. This was made possible by Candy Gutierrez’s enthusiasm and dedication to getting young people interested in the art of quilting.

Oh, and it snowed that afternoon. I did not make the progress I should have with my log cabin block because I was watching the fat snow flakes blowing around – most of us were. Enough about the weather…

Teaching the class, were Joanne Padelford and Judy Allhizer. Some random photos were taken during class.

Focused Piecing
Decisions, decisions!
Ren gets tips from instructor Judy
Jackie sewing blocks of a different kind
Swapping ideas and tips
Joyce ready to begin












































*Beginning Log Cabin Part II is scheduled for the end of May.

To add to Monday’s excitement – we had two wonderful gentlemen donate supplies to the guild.

Mr. Chris Walton: 2 large trunk’s full of thread and notions his mom-in-law, who was a professional seamstress, had.

Mr. Ken Archibald: 1 ft x ft swatches of fabric designs he used in his factory to make aprons. We were thrilled to take 50+ pounds of them off his hands!

Thank You for thinking of us  🙂



















Learning a New Technique: Stained Glass

Apologies for not keeping y’all up to date! When our (fun and successful) Quilt Faire was over, I enjoyed a vacation from my computer. Then I was busy gathering the supply list items for class.

A few of us in the Guild took a class called “Naturescape” last Monday & Tuesday. It is a technique used to take a photo of something and create a stained glass “picture” of it. The instructor was Doris Williams, a professional artist and former guild member. She is a very easy-going lady, with infinite patience. As a complete stranger to this technique I was moving at a slower pace than most, but Doris helped me tweak my design and find better fabrics to use. This transformed my mess into a landscape. I have worked hard to finish my wall hanging, but it’s doubtful I will make it to “Sew & Tell” at tomorrow’s meeting.

Don’t worry – I will have the camera charged to take photos of the ones from class that are displayed. 🙂
In the meantime, you can admire my two favorites from her collection…



♥ TTFN ♥


(Not So) Free Motion

In Susan Scott’s beginning Free Motion Quilting class, you could feel the anticipation and fear from the students who had never been shown, or experimented with this technique before. Even I, who took the class last year, felt nervous.

Susan demonstrating loops
Susan explaining loops

We each had a packet of “quilt sandwich(s)” – made with 2 pieces of muslin and batting in the middle. Some were blank and others had lines drawn on them. The lines were hauntingly familiar. They were the same lines used in grade school to teach kids how to write:





We were learning how to write with our sewing machines. Some were naturals,  others struggled to loosen up and have fun with it.

Many Questions
Many Questions Were Asked
Intense Concentration
Intense Concentration







It’s not the technique that’s difficult. Susan guided us through the “exercises”, reminding us to breathe and have fun with it. Fun?!

The tough part is practicing enough to develop the self-confidence to do it. Susan sent us out into the world with the know-how. It is now up to us to do our homework and practice, practice, practice.

The homework? Finish our exercises and quilt a comfort quilt.

Setting up machine
Setting up the machine
Nice loops!
Hey – Nice loops!