Learning & Creating

The education of IHQ members is a major element of our charter and mission. Classes provide new ideas and techniques. Member-taught classes will continue to be diverse and exciting. Particular emphasis will be given to the many requests for basic quilting classes. We will continue to present the design challenge, a special display at our annual Quilt Faire.

Candy Gutierrez teaches an applique-creating technique

Our Workshops teach new skills and make items to sell in our Quilt Faire Boutique. We all work hard to make and donate handmade treasures that are practical and pretty. Members (new and seasoned alike) volunteer to lead the workshops, and participants are provided with a supply list of things they need to make the items.

“Kits” are often provided to make the item, which can be taken home to finish.

Follow the Shoes Workshop
Chickens & Bunnies Workshop

A Few of the classes offered this year (2023):

  • Machine Applique Class, Instructor Cathie Hoover
  • 3-D Panel Quilting with Jocelyn Muncaster
  • Fabric Painting Class with Robyn Slakey
  • Stack & Whack Star with Linda VanBerckelaer
  • Miniature Landscape Class, Instructor Linda Schmidt

Quilt Camp offers another opportunity to learn quilting techniques and nurture new and continuing relationships. This activity is organized but not structured. Games, hikes, and shopping are offered as alternatives to sewing/quilting. In the evenings, it is not unusual for a random poker game to start up.

Campers are encouraged to enjoy their time at camp however they want to.