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Summer Break

It’s that time when the Independence Hall Quilters Guild takes their summer break and the Community Center begins setting up for the annual Flea Market (first weekend in August)

Clothes, Books, Games, Movies, China, Glassware and misc. treasures!

The Quilt Guild’s last meeting is June 20th, then we start back up on Labor Day Monday, September 5th.  And what do we do in the months in between? Well, we help with the flea market effort, work on comfort quilt kits that we “checked out”, and then there are our own quilts we entered into the quilt show to finish and sew sleeves on the back for hanging them on frames.

Oh, and BTW – June 20 is a “Free Sew Day”!!

(It is a lot more exciting than it sounds …)

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Welcome Back Quilters!

Susan, our Comfort Quilts Chairperson

Scraps & Stitches

The first Monday of September marks the end of our Guild’s summer break.  It was fun to catch up with fellow members, and guests, while foraging through the heaping gorgeous fabrics on the “free” table.

Comfort Quilts were finished over the summer and turned into Susan to put away until needed. ♥ Please note that she has a few that still need binding ♥

Hopefully most of us were able to rest and relax over the break, because now we must get seriously busy – Quilt Faire is only 1 month away…

Yep!  Check out our countdown in the sidebar…

Stay tuned…
Next week I should have the down-low on Arnold’s newest ‘crafty’ store. 🙂