Summertime, and the Living is Easy?

Do you remember that song?

Maybe the living is easy in summer – someplace, that isn’t Arnold. Our focus is different as our weekly Guild meetings stop (until Sept. 4th), and the Flea Market readiness work begins at Independence Hall.

The Annual Flea Market at Ebbetts Pass Community Center, a.k.a. “The Hall”, is held the first full weekend in August. The fact that getting ready for the event takes half of June and all of July, speaks volumes. The local communities bring donations to the Hall throughout the year.

Volunteers needed!!

Only the Beginning

It’s a challenge to work in the Textiles room. Tons of fabrics, bedding, towels, and sewing notions. You just can’t beat $1.00 per yard…

Bags of yarn and moving boxes full of fabric!  And it’s only June…

Summer Break

It’s that time when the Independence Hall Quilters Guild takes their summer break and the Community Center begins setting up for the annual Flea Market (first weekend in August)


Clothes, Books, Games, Movies, China, Glassware and misc. treasures!

The Quilt Guild’s last meeting is June 20th, then we start back up on Labor Day Monday, September 5th.  And what do we do in the months in between? Well, we help with the flea market effort, work on comfort quilt kits that we “checked out”, and then there are our own quilts we entered into the quilt show to finish and sew sleeves on the back for hanging them on frames.

Oh, and BTW – June 20 is a “Free Sew Day”!!

(It is a lot more exciting than it sounds …)

♥  TTFN  ♥

IH Flea Market Is Coming!

Scraps & Stitches

The Independence Hall Community Center is having their annual fund-raiser, a LARGE flea market, Friday August 1st – 3rd, with any and every thing you can imagine for a great price.

This Hall is where we hold our Quilt Guild’s weekly meetings, classes, luncheons, etc. So, the Independence Hall Quilter’s Guild volunteer’s to help setting up the event, and donates yummy baked goods to sell at the event.

On Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8am – 2pm during July we sort, clean up, test, and price incoming items. Tuesday is potluck lunch day – bring a dish to share if you like. Thursdays are BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch). The work is a lot more fun than you would think  🙂

Thursday, July 31st is the first drop-off day for baked goods. A team of ladies will be wrapping and organizing our treats for opening day on Aug. 1st.  The “wrapping” team can always use more hands, so get a sneak peek and help them out!

For more information, contact our Guild President, Joan Patterson.