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Do You Hear That? It’s Chaos Coming!

Tomorrow is Labor Day and for most people the Monday holiday will be spent tending a BBQ, catching up on a good book, or visiting family/friends.

NOT for the Independence Hall Quilters, however. This year the Monday holiday falls on our guild’s “First meeting back”, after summer break.  September is here and we can’t spare any Mondays for jocularity*. Quilt Faire happens on the first weekend of October this year and, despite popular belief, it does not come together by magic.

Tomorrow there will be no chaos, not really. There will be loud talking, loud laughter, summer projects hung everywhere to show off. Gals will be turning in entries for the faire, to moi because I am the co-chair of submissions. I will be asked a lot of questions – I have a list of my own questions to ask people, because making the quilt is the big deal, filling out the submission form – not so much. Blank spaces where information should be. Titles and measurements being crucial to anyone planning the show and building the frames to hang them.

My favorite: using an overly Xeroxed form from a different year, crossing out the old year and unfortunately missing the information for 2016.

You know who you are.

Then, after all that Hub-Bub…  The monthly Board Meeting is held. The agenda must be monstrous!  The president should send it out this evening. I hope it’s under 3 pages.

In spite of all that – It will be great fun! I can’t explain it – it just is!



* Who used this word (jocularity) often? Hint: a TV show character
Extra points to those who know…

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Quilt Guild Celebrates 40 Years

The Independence Hall Quilters Guild has been meeting, sewing, and enjoying each others company for 40 years. A detailed history of our guild is found on the Bicentennial Quilt page.

Laken And Katie
Laken Cabral, 14 and Katie Arndt, 98

Our June 6 meeting was attended by most of our members and all the tables were full!  Our youngest and the oldest member were present and happy to take a photo together!

The rest of our 114 members fall somewhere in between. The anniversary will be commemorated with a luncheon at the Snowflake Lodge on Saturday.

♥  TTFN  ♥


Photography by: Candy Gutierrez

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Comfort Quilts Cut Day


Cut day is when we choose fabrics for a comfort quilt pattern, and cut the pieces needed to make the quilt. These get put into a bag, along with the pattern instructions, and batting. Now this bag is called a “kit” and it can be checked out to members that want to work on it.

Some members like to piece the quilt top together, some prefer to do the quilting only, and others like doing the entire process from piecing to binding. This makes it fun for all.

Those of us who can’t cut straight with a ruler take photos…


The Fabric Room – organized the day before.


Tough to choose!


Some of us are excited by purple


Selecting the pattern(s) is very important


Measure Twice & Cut Once!



We have a lot of fun doing this!


Someone has to coordinate this chaos!


The kits are piling up and ready to distribute!

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Soup and Salad and Cake – Oh My!

Add special guests and an insider rummage sale, and you describe our latest meeting of the Independence Hall Quilter’s (a.k.a., IHQ).

Our VIP’s were visiting from Sutter Creek’s own Mother Lode Quilters’ Guild.

Rita Maddox and Bunny Smith brought their Opportunity Quilt to share and sell some tickets.  Many women worked very hard to accomplish this beautiful and complex work of art.


The Pattern, created by Sarah Vedeler, is called “Sedona Star”.  The Mother Lode Quilters’ titled it “Stars of the Mother Lode“. It took first place in the Amador County Fair. It will be raffled off at their 2016 quilt show, the first weekend in October.  For more information, contact Rita Maddock at (209) 295-5476.

While the Stone Soup bubbled and simmered, members could wander up and down the “vendor” tables. An insider rummage sale is when members get rid of sewing & craft supplies they don’t need, but another member may love to have – especially at a bargain price! Gorgeous fabrics, sewing patterns, embroidery hoops of all sizes, rulers, pins, needles, scissors,  & template making materials were just some of the items the gals had on display.

Thank you ladies for cleaning your closets and offering your ‘rejects’ for just pennies!  It was (almost) more fun than the free table  🙂

A dozen comfort quilts were turned in and happily decorating the walls in the hall. Photos of them were added to our little slideshow in the sidebar (on each page to the right).

A special nod to our “soup kitchen” crew, who always keep us fed and properly caffeinated! The soup and accouterments were wonderful, as was the cake to celebrate January and February birthdays.


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