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Masks For All

Dr. Smart modeling good behavior

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC has now begun recommending that everyone wear a face covering when they go out in public.
In response to this and the fact that commercial medical masks are in limited supply and needed for medical and first responder personnel, Mark Twain Health Care District has commissioned the local manufacturing of 5,000 masks by Blue Mt Custom Fabrications in West Point, and are being distributed free of charge to anyone who would like one.
Blue Mtn. Custom Fabrications has been in business for 25 years and specializes in commercial contract sewing.
Because it takes a village to respond quickly enough to make a difference, many seamstresses around the county have been employed to help make all of these masks. One group, in particular, is the Independence Hall Quilters group out of Arnold. They have responded to this effort quickly and with eagerness.
“I am getting phone calls daily from IHQ members wanting to help with the next order,” laughs Jodi, a member who is coordinating the effort. “At first, I had a fear of having to make 200+ masks by myself – I should have known better because our ladies are amazing!”
COVID-19 has put a stop on the guild’s fundraising at local events. They sell raffle tickets to win a “Scholarship Quilt” that funds scholarships for graduating Brett Harte High School seniors. IHQ hopes to make up some of these losses by donating payment for the masks to the scholarship account.
An example of the pandemic’s far-reaching effect on even a small county’s volunteer organizations.
These masks (pictured) are available at local markets in the communities of Calaveras County. A full list of the participating markets can be found online at For more information, call Peggy at 754-4468.

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Member Showcase: Carol Hutcheson

Carol shared with us her quilting ‘portfolio’ December 9th. No one was surprised that her work was outstanding & beautiful; however, some of us (OK – me), was surprised at the massive size of her most complicated quilts.

Instead of me saying a thousand words, here are the photos that were taken at Carol’s show.


Take a bow, Carol!  We all enjoyed your presentation and your hard work.  Thank you so much for sharing.

♥  TTFN  ♥

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Out With The Old …

The member formally knows as ‘President’, Jodi Lea Greenfield, uses the microphone for the last time in an ‘official’ capacity. After Installing each officer,  she installed Mary Sue Budrow as President of the Independence Hall Quilters.

Then, Jodi presented the new President with items she would need while serving her term. The purple (of course!), “Binder of the President” that includes a list of responsibilities, organizational information, and a “How to” document or two.

The valuable correspondence (CYA) ledger, to document all forms of communication to the Guild. And then – the big pink ring of Hall keys, and the PO Box key were turned over to Mary Sue.

As a token of congrats & good luck, a small bag containing a pack of tissues, bottle of Excedrin Migraine, and a purse sized container of Tums.  Just in case.

… In With the New

After our President Elect and her Board, became installed into their respective office’s, Mary Sue took the microphone and continued the meeting without hesitation. The 2019 Board members are now officially official!

              A group of very talented women. They are cute too., don’t you agree?  

Who’s Who…

In Front: Jackie Sullivan, Liaison with Independence Hall;  Sidney Palmer, Member at Large;
Back L to R:  Joan Patterson, Secretary;  Joanne Padelford, Parliamentarian & Advisor;  Linda Bristow, Member at Large;  Mary Sue Budrow, President;  Eileen Roberson, 1st Vice President;  Margaret Zavertnik, 2nd Vice President;
Waaay Back L to R:  Edie Diegoli, Quilt Faire Chair;  Joyce Ann Fowler, Member at Large;  Nancy Gardner, Treasurer;  Anne Osincup, Assistant Treasurer;

Not Pictured: Linda Van Berckelaer, second 1st Vice President;

The day already had a full schedule, then we had to squeeze in the important activities from the meeting Jan 7th, which did not happen, due to snow. Members living in Arnold & Dorrington, saw inches upon inches of snow. While members in neighboring Avery, Murphys, Angels Camp and further down the “hill”, thought we were crazy because they were only being rained on.

A new storm is hitting as I write this. It promises many feet of snow and high winds, up in high elevations, like 6,000 ft and above. Arnold is forecast to get snow tomorrow, and since we are getting high winds today, I’m starting to believe it.

The weather is perfect for quilting. As soon as I can put away my lap-top, I will prepare the fabrics I need for class Monday, and maybe I can get to do some hand-quilting on my pretty lavender quilt -OR- I could take a nap instead of sleep-typing on a blog post.  You know, ssssssssssssss ssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss – like that.

♥  TTFN ♥