Quilting Weather Has Arrived!

December 16 will be IHQ’s last meeting of the year.

  • A “make up” class for the RowxRow quilt on Flying Geese & the Braid.
  • It’s a ‘UFO day’ – so bring in those UnFinished Projects and get ’em done!

Our first meeting will be on January 6th.  Please download the application/renewal form for membership and fill it out for Diane Mitchell, our Membership Chair.

Dues should accompany your application. Cash or Check’s made out to IHQ will be accepted.

♥  TTFN ♥


The 2019 Viewer’s Choice Awards

And the winners are…

Barbara Cleveland “Miss Zara goes to the Oscars”,
made at the suggestion of Ren Krause and given to her.

2. Claudia Smith “Bru doll”

3. Barbara Cleveland “Father Christmas”, originally made for a cousin

1 Jocelyn Muncaster “Queen of Halloween”,
took three years to locate all these Halloween fabrics

2 Sue Bishop “Fidget Fandango”
for a nephew; blue and gold are the University of West Virginia colors

3 Sue Duggins “Beachy”, this quilt is back where it belongs, in a sunroom near the beach

1 Karen Breeding “Mystical Garden”, blocks of flowers took her two to three years to applique, which she did while traveling and or watching sports with her husband

2 Diane Mitchell “Montana Memories”, made at a Judy Niemeyer workshop in Montana

3 Janice Vaughn “Amish with a Twist”

1 Nadine Bowlus “Clamshell Tree of Life”, check the interactive species list and see if you can find all the living beings

2 Jocelyn Muncaster “It Doesn’t have to be Square”, thought about it for six months before deciding how to do it

3 Diane Mitchell “Happy Camper”, consists of 660 small squares

1 Mickey McNamara “Asian Splendor”, the first attempt at this technique

2 Sue Wilmer “Just Married”

3 Diane Mitchell “Stitching in Sisters with Anna”, wool applique class with Anna Bates

1 Valerie Conrado “Cubist Campfire”

2 Candy Gutierrez “Help me if you can, I’m feeling down, Oh, help me get my feet back on the ground.

Art quilt depicting an emotion
3 Sue Bishop “United Hearts”, for a nephew who was married recently and sent to serve in Syria right after

1 Candy Gutierrez “Christmas Morning”, fabrics from Bali
2 Eileen Roberson “Grizzly”

3 Jackie Sullivan “Enjoy this Beauty – Snow will be falling soon”, thanks to the artist for this lovely central panel

1 Doreen Whiteman “1850’s Ball Gown”, made for a daughter to wear as a period costume at a saloon in Virginia City

2 Lynette Pham “Grammy’s Bikini”

3 Vida Kenk “Choir Dress”, hand sewed this dress when she needed a long dress for a choir concert in college; she brought a photo to show she once fit in it. Candy wore this dress for the award presentations.

♥  Congratulations to all these ladies!  ♥

OK, This is The Plan

So, the good news is – The Quilt Faire will go on as planned, despite PG&E’s grim outlook.

The following statement was issued by Ironstone this afternoon, by Kerry Keeney, 
the Ironstone Vineyards, Event Manager…

“The plan is to keep Ironstone open this whole week and through the weekend even if power is out.  We have a few light towers/generators that maintenance staff will be running for some lighting and refrigeration.  I will tell you that we are trying our best to make this doable but extra battery-powered lights and flashlights may be needed in some areas. “

“We will not have power available for vendors to run credit card machines, cash registers or wi-fi so please make sure that they bring what they will need to accept cash and checks.  For vendors in the Heritage Room, I would urge them to plan on bringing battery-operated lighting if needed because we will not be able to provide that for the vendors.  Placer Room ( = Boutique) will probably be the darkest room because there are not many windows but of course, you can always open up all of the doors in that room if needed to allow additional lighting. “

“We will have a generator outside of the Music Room to give power to our kitchen but the lighting will not be available so once again we will be utilizing sunlight. “

“Restrooms will not be operable at all, we will have limited porta-potties and hand washing stations available in certain areas.”

“I know the above information is basic but until the power goes out and we start turning on generators and seeing where we need things in which area to remain as a functioning facility it will be a test.

Happy Planning!”