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Don’t Let This Stop You

It’s just a little rain. Wear a jacket and bring an umbrella. I have planned today at the IHQ Quilt Faire for art, shopping, and fun. We need the rain here, so let it rain. Be prepared for it and come out to the Faire!

Catch the Excitement!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Let This Stop You

  1. Sure wish I could be there, it’s a great show in a fabulous venue, wish they were all that way! And. Very well organized too! Hugs to everyone! From Jodi’s sis!


      1. Didn’t see me, but I saw Bruce! Hope you had a fabulous show this year! Did Deby attend? Ours has been moved to spring, February 2024. As yuh out know we only have one every other year, maybe you will be at our next one? See you next month!😘


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