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Behind the Quilt Faire

Many of us have been busy making things ready for our annual Quilt Faire (QF) for months. [Please forgive my use of acronyms, but I tire of typing out ‘Quilt Faire’ so many times.] This week we will be doing physical labor at Ironstone Vineyards, putting everything in place for QF. We have four days to do this before the QF opens on Friday, the 21st. Piece of Cake, right?

Two trucks get loaded up Sunday, one with all the equipment, parts, and tools to build the “sets” needed to display entries. The other truck is loaded with bins and bins full of handmade items to be sold in our Boutique. Trucks and workers will descend upon Ironstone on Monday morning and get to work unloading.

Monday is busy with building frames to hang quilts on, decorating, and displaying in the boutique. There are people ironing the curtains and skirts that hang around the quilts. I will be roaming around taking photos – nothing about exhibits will be posted until after the opening day. Maybe one “sneak peek.”

Tuesday is possibly a day of rest, depending on how many volunteers are working on Monday.

Wednesday is the day entrants check in their items for display, and the quilts and wall hangings are hung. Big fun to see items in person! Once the quilts are hung and “approved,” the pinning of the curtains begins. This is done to hide the pipes that are used for the frames.

Wednesday afternoon, the hostesses are trained and get familiar with the show’s layout. Last-minute futzing is done.

Thursday, our wonderful vendors move in and set up.

Friday, the show opens and continues through Sunday.

We hope to see you there!

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