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Not the kind you mend with, but a grievous error has caused people to download an old version of our Quilt Faire Application. (Hey, geeks make mistakes too!)

The correct form is now there to download when you click the


Sincere apologies to the quilters who do not procrastinate filling forms in!

Thank you for your patience!

Webmistress Jodi Lea

2 thoughts on “Darn!

  1. Patience a gift to you🙏

    BTW I have several hand quilting templates from …back in the day… early 1980s … when I quilted with Mary Lou Humber & Jean Feathers… will donate to IHQ if you are interested😇 Terina Harrison



    1. We would love to have them if you have not already donated them to someone else by now 😦
      If you still have templates, please call or text Jodi at (925) 980-5409.

      Thank You!


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