Our 2022 Board

Row 1. L to R: Margaret Meier, 2nd Vice President, Robyn Slakey, 1st Vice President, Joanne Padelford, Advisor & Parliamentarian, Margaret Zavertnik, 2nd Vice President, Laurie Jurgens, Member at Large, Cindy Clark, Treasurer, Dana Osterlund, Quilt Faire Chair, and Diane Mitchell, President. Row 2. L to R: Jocelyn Muncaster, Member at Large & Sharon Strazzo, Board Secretary. Not pictured: Emile Brown, Member at Large & Carolyn Pereira, 1st Vice President

Aren’t they a good-looking bunch?

The 2022 Board for IHQ was formerly voted in and ‘sworn’ at this morning. Quite a lot of us managed to get to the Hall despite the crazy weather. Cold, blustery winds, pouring rain, and sleet. No snow yet for Arnold (as of 9:00 pm Monday). Early tomorrow morning will be a different story. 100% chance of heavy snow, blasting winds, and whiteout conditions. Snow is good, but this is a bit overkill. The best thing is that the snow has been heavy at higher elevations already, and this means good news for the snowpack.

Stay off the roads Tuesday, the weathermen warn. Not a hard demand to follow – I plan on finishing up the quilting I’m doing on my latest creation. Maybe design the next one. It all depends on the power staying on. It could happen. I am hopeful!


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