The 2021 Viewer’s Choice Awards

During our quilt show, visitors have ballots to vote for their favorite entries. On Monday, November 8th, these awards were announced and given out at IHQ’s weekly meeting. I apologize for the tardiness of this post, and the lousy photography. I hope to be more coordinated next year.

Our Hostess, Candy Gutierrez, was dressed elegantly in a lovely black dress and a long strand of pearls. There was also a Red Carpet for winners to walk down.

A special ribbon – the “Super Gal” Award went to Dana Osterlund for how smoothly the QF ran!


1st  – Barbara Cleveland for “Jake the Gambler.”  The head was made by a dear friend of Barbara’s who has died.  He just looked like a gambler, so she made him one.

2nd – Barbara Cleveland for  “Red Fox” Barbara is part Native American.  The outfit is Cherokee.

3rd  – Pat Gomes for “Witchy Wanda”  Peek under her robe to find a secret. (Not Pat’s, the dolls.)


Large Innovative Quilts

1st Doris Lanz  for “Two Horses” (no image available)

2nd Doris Lanz for  “Cowboys” (no image available)

3rd Laura McGavren for “Wonkie Star” (no image available)

Large Quilts

1st – Diane Mitchell for “Ocean Stars”

Diane Mitchell 1st place
for “Ocean Stars”
Mary Black 2nd place –
for “Audubon Christmas”
Jean Schwisow 3rd place
for “Farm Girl”

Needle Art

1st Janice Vaughn  for  “Kitchen Stitchery” (no image available)

2nd. Emilie Brown for “Copenhagen Harbor.” This was Emilie’s mother’s attempt to teach her yarn needlework.  The buildings on the waterfront were likely to be bars and brothels.  Emilie’s father was born six blocks inland from this location. (No image available)

3rd Ren Krause for “Three Sheets in the Wind.” Ren made it in a class on sewing wool.

Small Innovative Quilts

1st Doris Lanz for “Leopard.” She used two colors of fabric, colored with an ink pen. (no image available)

2nd Jocelyn Muncaster for “Popping Poppies.”  The wild idea involves perspective. (no image available)

3rd Candy Gutierrez for “Sunflowers and Poppies.” 3D with the sunflower heads drooping forwards. (no image available)

Small Quilts  Tie for first place, both were awarded a blue ribbon.

1st Anne Osincup for “Otter.” Wildfire design. (no image available)

1st Candy Gutierrez for  “Elephant in the Room.” A Sandra Mollon design that Candy did herself during the COVID shutdown. (no image available)

2nd Mary Sue Budrow for “Leaf Poppers” (no image available)

3rd Carolyn Pereira for “Water Lily” (no image available)

Wearable Art

1st Joanne Padelford for “Thinking of Fall.” She changed the background from grey to black.

2nd  Candy Gutierrez for “Japanese Peasant Coat.”  Candy loved it and wanted to get the fabric at Beth’s, but then Rich had his heart trouble, so she went much later hoping it was still available and she was able to get the fabric she wanted.

3rd Joanne Padelford for “Woodland Animals.” She used a leftover excess panel from a quilt.

Again, my apologies for being so late to post the results!