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Spring Luncheon

Our Spring Luncheon on March 20th was a culinary delight (as usual), and a fun social.

Quilters line up to buy raffle tickets to put in a bag for certain items they would like to win. Yours truly usually puts all her tickets towards an “Ott Light” – a desk lamp to use when you are sewing/quilting. Another lady (who shall remain nameless) is also trying to win one. Neither of us has (yet!), but we have won a fun item or two along the way. The $ earned is spent on community donations, i.e., Ebbetts Pass Elves, the Food Ban
k,  Resource Connection, to name a few.




The mission of this Organization is to encourage and promote interest in America’s oldest folk art form, in an atmosphere of friendliness and sharing. To contribute to the growth and preservation of quilting techniques through education and experience.