A close up of Candy G.'s applique for the 2018 Scholarship Quilt, "Over the Rainbow"

Early Bird Membership Renewal

Renewal Form* AND Payment to Jodi
Before December 19

[last meeting in 2022]

Early Birds will be entered into a Raffle to Win a Basket of
Extremely Wonderful Stuff

Said Wonderful Stuff will be
Unveiled at the
December 5th Meeting

Jodi will not be at any meetings until December 5th. Please send your apps to her PO Box. Or give them to Karen Wallace, her co-chair.
Note: Checks will not be cashed until January & calendars & tickets will be distributed at that time

*A piece of paper with your name on it and “Same as Last Year” scrawled across it does not constitute a renewal form. If you cannot print one out, call Jodi (209) 795-7425, and she will mail you a form.
Your cooperation is appreciated!

Cool Stuff · News

Spring Luncheon

Our Spring Luncheon on March 20th was a culinary delight (as usual), and a fun social.

Quilters line up to buy raffle tickets to put in a bag for certain items they would like to win. Yours truly usually puts all her tickets towards an “Ott Light” – a desk lamp to use when you are sewing/quilting. Another lady (who shall remain nameless) is also trying to win one. Neither of us has (yet!), but we have won a fun item or two along the way. The $ earned is spent on community donations, i.e., Ebbetts Pass Elves, the Food Ban
k,  Resource Connection, to name a few.