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Meet Our 2015 Board Members


The Independence Hall Quilter’s Executive Board for 2015

Front Row: Linda VanBerckelaer
Second Row (L-R): Margaret Zavertnik; Joanne Padelford; Eileen Roberson; Carolyn Rector.
Top Row (L-R): Jackie Sullivan; Diane Mitchell; Susan Scott; Lisa Lee; Debbie McGee; Jodi Lea Greenfield; Edie Diegoli; Nancy Cooper; Joan Patterson


President: Linda VanBerckelaer
1st VPs:  Lisa Lee & Diane Mitchell
2nd VPs: Margaret Zavertnik &
Eileen Roberson
Rec. Sec.: Jodi Lea Greenfield
Treasurer: Susan Scott
IH Liaison:  Jackie Sullivan
Advisor:  Joanne Padelford
Parliamentarian: Joan Patterson
2015 Q.F. Chair: Joan Patterson
Members at Large:

  • Carolyn Rector
  • Nancy Cooper
  • Edie Diegoli


The mission of this Organization is to encourage and promote interest in America’s oldest folk art form, in an atmosphere of friendliness and sharing. To contribute to the growth and preservation of quilting techniques through education and experience.