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The 2018 Viewer’s Choice Awards

It is not the Oscars.

Nor is it filmed in Hollywood…

But there was a Red Carpet!  And a lot of happy winners too.


In the Wall Hanging Category

    The Winners Are…

1st Place went to Gay Losher for her “Out For a Hunt”


2nd Place went to Carolyn Pereira for her “Abilene”. Abilene is also the winner of Ironstone Vineyards coveted “Vintner’s Favorite” award.










3rd Place was awarded to Robyn Phelps for “California” (not present)



The Small Innovative Quits

1st Place belongs to Sue Duggins for her “Blue House Montana”

2nd Place went to Carolyn Earhart for “Jon’s Chemistry”

3rd Place was awarded to Mary Sue Budrow for “Colored Blocks”










Bed Quilts

1st Place awarded to Nadine Bowlus for “EP’s Library”

2nd Place went to Diane Mitchell for “My Joy”











3rd Place went to Susan Tribble for her “Finding Dory”


Large Innovative Quits

1st Place awarded to Sue Bishop for her “Stars Over a Log Cabin”

2nd Place went to Caroline Earhart for “Eight Generations of My Family”

3rd Place was awarded to Jennifer Cabral for her “Leftovers”











Member Challenge
This year’s Challenge was to pick a crayon out of a bag full (no peeking!), then use that color in designing a small wall hanging

1st Place  awarded to Nancy Macomber for “Foxy”

2nd Place went to Diane Mitchell for “Periwinkle Pazzazz”


3rd Place was Nadine Bowlus for “Morning Light”


Wearable Art

1st Place  awarded to Lynne Ingalls for her Jacket (not present)

2nd Place went to Mary Sue Budrow for “Tulips” (vest)

3rd Place was Lynne Ingalls for the matching vest for her jacket


Needle Art

1st Place awarded to Kathy Heffernan for “Old Town America”

2nd Place went to Carolyn Rector for “Springtime Happiness”





3rd Place was given to Nadine Bowlus for “Frog on Stilts”


1st Place awarded to Barbara Cleveland for her Bisque Doll, dressed in green. And…2nd Place went to Barbara Cleveland for her Bisque Doll, dressed in red..


Congratulations Everyone!

The 2014 Viewer’s Choice Awards

As a part of the IHQ Quilt Faire tradition, we ask those who visit
the showroom and admire our quilts,  FirstPlaceRibbondolls and wearable arts, to fill out a ballot, and vote for each category of entries.  The votes are tallied up and ribbons are awarded to the artists for first, second, and third place in their categories.

This Years Winner’s are:


  • 1st Place – Edie Miller, Times and Seasons
  • 2nd Place – Candy Gutierrez, Garden Party
  • 3rd Place – Kathy Merrick, Diamonds Are Forever


Hand Quilted Quilts

  • 1st Place – Koni Popke, Dresden Plate
  • 2nd Place – Laura McGauren, Sew Pinwheel
  • 3rd Place – Carol Biederman, Jacobean Applique


Wall Hangings

  • 1st Place – Sally Sowle-Taylor, My Backyard Friends
  • 2nd Place – Sandra Turner, Whooping Crane Romance
  • 3rd Place – Susan Scott, Forest Floor
  • 3rd Place – Candy Gutierrez, Coneflowers


Wearable Art

  • 1st Place – Linda VanBerkelaer, Chopkey Wonder
  • 2nd Place – Candy Gutierrez, Autumn Colors
  • 3rd Place – Joanne Padelford, Brown Vest



  • 1st Place – Eileen Roberson, Movin’ Right Along
  • 2nd Place – Nancy Macomber, Kitchen Garden
  • 3rd Place – Chris Bernasconi, Animals Who Sleep by the Side of the Road



  • 1st Place – Barbara Cleveland, Lady Grace
  • 2nd Place – Rosemary O’Malley, Rose
  • 2nd Place – Geri Bauer, Cloth Doll
  • 3rd Place – Karen Crabtree, Statue of Liberty Doll


Members Challenge

  • 1st Place – Becky Smith, Name That Beatles Tune
  • 2nd Place – Chris Bernasconi, Tessanne Chin
  • 3rd Place – Linda VanBerkelaer, You’re a Grand Ol’ Flag

Congratulations to All!!