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Member Showcase: Candy Gutierrez

Our Spring Luncheon weather included rain, gloomy skies and a bit of snow. A perfect day for Candy to have her show! Her colorful quilts, wall hangings, vests and dolls certainly brightened up Independence Hall.

Candy Gutierrez is always moving way too fast for the camera!


Jean shows off a pretty fish tank quilt


Candy’s latest crayon project
This darling “window” makes any wall more open and pretty
I love the colors in this one!
Black & White lap quilt with appliqued blooms


Large skateboard quilt, made for grandson.


The lovely Ren shows off Candy’s dolls





Creation from Bling Class!


Applique Sampler – Wildflowers
Have a tennis shoe or two or ten..



It took three tries to get this one perfect


Sampler Quilt
Gorgeous flowers created using the crayon technique.


Candy’s first involved cross-stitch. Also her last.


Candy, Thank You for sharing your impeccable work!

And a Special Thanks to our “Vanna White’s” for letting us all have a close look at each creation.

On another note…

We presented Anne Salem with her Comfort Quilt – signed by members of the guild. Anne is battling COPD and is not always able to join us. We have been missing her and wanted to let her know that!

Anne holds up her quilt for a photo



Bad Photography by Jodi Lea Greenfield.  She apologizes. Profusely.

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Bret Harte Seniors Aid Quilters With Community Service

Nathan, Will, Candy & Eva show us results

Nathan Steele, Will Hollett, & Eva Schaffer (Haley Shaver not present), brought their Senior Projects to our last week’s meeting.

Each senior made a quilt from start to finish. Their quilts will be added to IHQ’s Comfort Quilt inventory, then donated to various county emergency and rescue organizations, hospitals, or child protective services (CPS) as needed.

IHQ’s Candy Gutierrez taught a ‘How to make a quilt’ class at Country Cloth Shop for any high school senior that wanted to take part. Four participants signed up for the challenge. Anyone who has had the pleasure of sewing with Candy learns a lot and has fun doing it.

“They were so fun to work with!” Candy told us. “Very polite, thoughtful and I loved talking with them and hearing their stories.”  Over the school year, Candy would update us on how ‘our’ students were doing, and passed along a few stories. Our members were happy to (finally) meet them and see their quilts.

All of the students plan on going to college, and know what they want to major in.

Will Hollett wants to be a war corespondent.
Will Hollett wants to be a journalist/war correspondent.
Nathan Steele is a computer wiz
Nathan Steele is a computer wiz



Eva plans to study Biology
Eva Schaffer plans to study Biology

Of course, they all want to go away to college, and leave the small town of Angels Camp. Candy believes that once they have to drive in Bay area traffic, they may change their minds about growing up in a small town! Whichever direction life takes them, we wish them all the best

Now…  if we could get next year’s graduating class to help us with our annual Quilt Faire…?  Just sayin’

 ~~~~~ * ~~~~~
♥  A special thanks to Candy and her students for their effort, and to Ginger Duffy of Country Cloth Shop for sharing her classroom and sewing machines, making this class possible. ♥

Another special thank you goes out to the photographers: Karen Hunton  ♥  Joan Patterson  ♥  and Candy Gutierrez