IHQ Meetings Resume!

Monday is August 22nd, and our summer break is over. Quilters have finished comfort quilts and boutique items to “turn in.” I got a huge bag of fabrics for the free table. I know many others have items too, so it may be a madhouse. I plan to go early and browse the table for missing fabrics from my stash of fabrics.

Our Calendar asks us to bring in items we did over the summer for “Sew & Tell.” Our walls will be well covered with the beautiful items posted on our Facebook page. All of the excitement is not only about free fabric and finished items. Two months is a long time to go without seeing and hugging our friends!

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2014 In Review

We (IHQ Guild Members), are jazzed about our new website/blog, so imagine our excitement to find out that we weren’t the only ones reading it!

A HUGE thanks to the worker bee’s at WordPress for providing these happy statistics for us  😉

Between June and December of 2014, this website was viewed 3,200 times.

There were also 159 photos uploaded, taking up a total of 1 GB. That’s about 3 pictures per week.
The busiest day of the year was October 9th with 142 views. The most popular page that day was Quilt Faire

These are the pages that got the most views in 2014:

The year’s most-viewed blog posts are:

Search Engine Referrers*:

  • Google Search (198)
  • Yahoo Search (47)
  • Bing (38)
  • (2)
  • AOL (1)
  • (1)
  • (1)

Other Referrers*:

  • (235)
  • buttons-for-website (98)
  • (78)
  • Facebook (45)
  • (38)
  • (33)
  • (20)
  • (14)
  • (12)

Current “Followers”**: 11

  • WordPress Followers: 9
  • Email Followers: 2
 * Referrers are either search engines or websites that have links to your website.
** Followers are readers who choose to receive notification when we publish a new blog post.
   ♥  We wish all of our readers a happy and healthy 2015  ♥