OK, This is The Plan

So, the good news is – The Quilt Faire will go on as planned, despite PG&E’s grim outlook.

The following statement was issued by Ironstone this afternoon, by Kerry Keeney, 
the Ironstone Vineyards, Event Manager…

“The plan is to keep Ironstone open this whole week and through the weekend even if power is out.  We have a few light towers/generators that maintenance staff will be running for some lighting and refrigeration.  I will tell you that we are trying our best to make this doable but extra battery-powered lights and flashlights may be needed in some areas. “

“We will not have power available for vendors to run credit card machines, cash registers or wi-fi so please make sure that they bring what they will need to accept cash and checks.  For vendors in the Heritage Room, I would urge them to plan on bringing battery-operated lighting if needed because we will not be able to provide that for the vendors.  Placer Room ( = Boutique) will probably be the darkest room because there are not many windows but of course, you can always open up all of the doors in that room if needed to allow additional lighting. “

“We will have a generator outside of the Music Room to give power to our kitchen but the lighting will not be available so once again we will be utilizing sunlight. “

“Restrooms will not be operable at all, we will have limited porta-potties and hand washing stations available in certain areas.”

“I know the above information is basic but until the power goes out and we start turning on generators and seeing where we need things in which area to remain as a functioning facility it will be a test.

Happy Planning!”