Take in/Return Crew Refresher Class

Monday, September 16th after announcements, Jodi Lea will meet with those signed up to work with her (Thank You, Thank You!) to answer questions and hand out “cheat sheets” regarding procedures for both desk workers and runners.

No formal class will be happening, but PLEASE if you are new to this job, touch base with Jodi Lea!  This is a fun assignment, but a bit of knowledge reduces a lot of stress…

This photo was taken behind the check-in desk at QF 2016


One thought on “Take in/Return Crew Refresher Class

  1. Sorry Ladies! I was not as prepared as I wanted to be & y’all were busy for the workshop, so I handed out a summary of the job(s). If you would like a copy of the final notes AND “cheat sheets” to have with you during Take-in and Return shifts…
    Contact Jodi Lea (209) 795-7425 Email:


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