We Are Still Here!

Dear Members & Faithful Readers,

Despite the floods, snow, ice and power outages, we mountain quilters are hanging in there. We got to meet on Monday the 25th for the first time this month. Yeah!

Events scheduled on the 3 snowy Monday’s, are being rescheduled and shuffled around. Our on-line Events Calendar will show those changes by the 28th, if my cold doesn’t get worse.

Regarding Classes:
The Row by Row Class (Rows 3 & 4) from the 18th will now be held on March 5th starting at 10:00 am. Note: March 5th is a Tuesday.

The crayon applique technique, originally on Feb. 4th, taught by Candy Gutierrez, will happen on March 14th at 10:00 am. Note: March 14th is a Thursday.

On March 11 we added a short Binding Class at 11:30 – this demo has been in demand and we plan to keep it short and around lunchtime so we lessen the impact on our Comfort Quilt Day.

Those are the changes effecting March. Refer to your member’s calendar book, or the online copy for updates!

♥  Happy Quilting  ♥

Let us hear from YOU!

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