Another Quilt Faire Survived


Today is Day 3 of the aftermath and I am still tired! Talking with other members this week I found that I am not alone in my slow recovery. The show takes a lot of effort and teamwork is the key.  When the team is short-handed it means more work for who’s left. The 49ers are experiencing the same thing this season…

A few random photos, of setup, the quilt room, and taking down of show items.  Sort of a “Teaser” for next year’s fun.



Stay Tuned Next Week for the Viewer’s Choice Awards!

One thought on “Another Quilt Faire Survived

  1. My deepest thanks to all of you IH Quilters. You all made my brother and me feel like one of you. We had such fun working with you and seeing how your show comes together! Your quilts were gorgeous and your location amazing! Thanks for allowing us to participate! Hope to see you again soon! Come see me in Lake Havasu, Jodi can give you directions! Hugs to all!


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