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Soup and Salad and Cake – Oh My!

Add special guests and an insider rummage sale, and you describe our latest meeting of the Independence Hall Quilter’s (a.k.a., IHQ).

Our VIP’s were visiting from Sutter Creek’s own Mother Lode Quilters’ Guild.

Rita Maddox and Bunny Smith brought their Opportunity Quilt to share and sell some tickets.  Many women worked very hard to accomplish this beautiful and complex work of art.


The Pattern, created by Sarah Vedeler, is called “Sedona Star”.  The Mother Lode Quilters’ titled it “Stars of the Mother Lode“. It took first place in the Amador County Fair. It will be raffled off at their 2016 quilt show, the first weekend in October.  For more information, contact Rita Maddock at (209) 295-5476.

While the Stone Soup bubbled and simmered, members could wander up and down the “vendor” tables. An insider rummage sale is when members get rid of sewing & craft supplies they don’t need, but another member may love to have – especially at a bargain price! Gorgeous fabrics, sewing patterns, embroidery hoops of all sizes, rulers, pins, needles, scissors,  & template making materials were just some of the items the gals had on display.

Thank you ladies for cleaning your closets and offering your ‘rejects’ for just pennies!  It was (almost) more fun than the free table  🙂

A dozen comfort quilts were turned in and happily decorating the walls in the hall. Photos of them were added to our little slideshow in the sidebar (on each page to the right).

A special nod to our “soup kitchen” crew, who always keep us fed and properly caffeinated! The soup and accouterments were wonderful, as was the cake to celebrate January and February birthdays.


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