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A Quilting Bee

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The Hard Core Quilters Stay After Lunch!

The thing that kept Monday’s guild meeting from looking like a sweat shop, were the smiles and laughter.

There was a crew making “quilt sandwiches” – basting the top-batting-backing together to get them ready to quilt. Once that was done, the “sandwich” gets handed off to the quilting crew, and soon it is ready for the “finishers” – those who like to sew bindings. Once finished, the quilt becomes a Comfort Quilt and the guild’s signature label is sewn on. Piece of cake, right?

Some quilt patterns are tougher than others, but we all had fun catching up from the holidays.

Candy, Eileen and Deanna working it
Candy, Eileen and Deanna working it


Sue, Linda and Nadine helping out
Sue, Linda and Nadine helping out


Jean Seriously Sewing
Jean Seriously Sewing


Diane and Joanne quilting one for a toddler


Laura Also Seriously Sewing
Laura also Seriously Sewing


Disclaimer: Photos were taken at lunchtime after a lot of ladies left. Our photographer did not have enough coffee or sleep that morning.

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