(Not So) Free Motion

In Susan Scott’s beginning Free Motion Quilting class, you could feel the anticipation and fear from the students who had never been shown, or experimented with this technique before. Even I, who took the class last year, felt nervous.

Susan demonstrating loops

Susan explaining loops

We each had a packet of “quilt sandwich(s)” – made with 2 pieces of muslin and batting in the middle. Some were blank and others had lines drawn on them. The lines were hauntingly familiar. They were the same lines used in grade school to teach kids how to write:





We were learning how to write with our sewing machines. Some were naturals,  others struggled to loosen up and have fun with it.

Many Questions

Many Questions Were Asked

Intense Concentration

Intense Concentration







It’s not the technique that’s difficult. Susan guided us through the “exercises”, reminding us to breathe and have fun with it. Fun?!

The tough part is practicing enough to develop the self-confidence to do it. Susan sent us out into the world with the know-how. It is now up to us to do our homework and practice, practice, practice.

The homework? Finish our exercises and quilt a comfort quilt.

Setting up machine

Setting up the machine

Nice loops!

Hey – Nice loops!