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Wonky (and proud of it!)

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The IHQ Guild has an inside sub-group of ladies who are into new techniques, creativity, and wild enough to go where quilters have not gone before.

Three years ago the group began. They took some time coming up with a ‘name’ for themselves. They began with, “Liberated Quilters”, moving on to “Liberated Wonkyness”, this evolved to “Wild & Wacky Wonkyness ” then shortened to “Wild Wonkies”.  Everyone calls it “The Wonky Group” currently.  No matter what name this group goes by, their work is unique, unconventional, and absolutely breath-taking!

One Example of a Wonky Quilt

I was told that the only rule for a wonky project is NO measuring, or precise cutting.

“Really!?” This excited me. As someone who measures 3 times and uses 2 rulers, I still cannot cut perfectly straight strips.  I am a natural wonky quilter. Who knew?

I was a bystander at this month’s meeting, only catching the last bit because I was late. However, the post-meeting discussions were fun and informative. I was able to get a sneak peek at one of the ongoing “round-robin” projects. This is a quilt or wall hanging started by one member (a single block or strips), then passed to the next member to add to it.  The finished project may not happen for several months.

Fun with Friends

A new round-robin will begin in September. This time blocks with fall colors will be brought to the meeting and from the chosen one, start the round-robin.  A block using fall colors, any size I want. Bring to the next Wonky meeting, they tell me. I wonder if I am now a member…

Many side discussions

Hmm. I barely have any scraps in fall colors because I like soft pastels, small flower prints, and wild flannel designs for kids.  Shades of orange and brown don’t usually “call” to me. Looks like a good excuse to paw through fabric store remnants.  🙂

Scheming up New Projects

The only thing that concerns me about becoming a Wonky is their meeting place and time – Round Table Pizza at 11:30am.

Thank goodness they have an excellent salad-bar !




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  1. Jodi – your website is fantastic! and, as a Wild Wonky Woman, it was a lot of fun reading your blog about my favorite quilting bee. I like your style!!!


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