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All Quiet in the Hall

With a bunch of the guild at Quilt Camp and not at Monday’s meeting, the Hall was so quiet. Without many conversations going on at once, it was a peaceful feeling. One meeting per year is like that.

We are looking forward to the following Monday and hearing from all the campers relating their stories and exhibiting their accomplishments. I had hoped for communications from Lake Tahoe this past week, but nothing came.

Yesterday I was emailed one photo, which gave me a clue why the camp was incommunicado.

Every woman in this photo is not only smiling but has a huge smile on their face. Every single one of them.

Now I’ve taken a ton of group photos for the projects I worked with in National Security over the years. A few smiled big, but most were not even paying attention. This photo would have gotten all of us called into HR for drug testing.

Congratulations, Dana & Linda, for another successful camping trip!