Constructing a Quilt Faire Application

Measuring Correctly is a must!

Our construction crew first discussed how to measure a quilt correctly.  There have been many creative techniques used in the past resulting in incorrect sized frames to hang them in the quilt show.

Re-building frames during the hanging phase is not a happy chore. Please ask for help if you are not sure how to measure after reading the instructions.


Just the facts, ma’am.
Dazed and Confused? Ask a member or chairperson. They will point you in the right direction!
Thank you, Sue, Phyllis & Candy for your entertaining reminders!


The next demonstration was about  descriptions being too lengthy.

Please stay under 50 words so the display cards look professional.


2015 Quilt Faire Update

Entry forms (applications) for the 2015 Quilt Faire have now been posted and ready to download. There will also be paper copies available at the Monday meetings. Please read the Instructions carefully – there are some changes to the rules since the last few versions of the form.

We would LOVE to have your entry by June 15th (before Quilter’s break for the summer), but we will accept them anytime, but NO LATER than September 7th.  NO EXCEPTIONS. (And, YES, that means for you too!)

If your quilt is not finished yet, no problem. Just send little scraps of the fabrics you’re using and draw us a picture of the design, so we know how to display it correctly.

Click to download:

If you have any questions contact:
Jodi Lea Greenfield  209/ 795-7425
OR  Joanne Padelford  209/ 795-2172