We’re Back!

A New Year arrived with the dumping of snow and freezing temperatures. Well, it is winter up here in Arnold, so we knew it was coming. At least it is pretty to look at, while the power is on.

Photo courtesy of Margaret Zavertnik

After a day and a half, there was no power to be had. Comcast must not have a generator because they went down after a couple of hours. A generator allows for the coffee pot to produce coffee in the morning, hot water for a shower. It will not provide internet or telephone service, so a few of us in Arnold are cut off from the rest of the world. This can be somewhat relaxing and stress-free, for about a day. Not, however, for a week or two.

Our first meeting of the year was Monday, January 10. The rest of the month, the Membership Team will be available (in person!) to sign up new members and renew current memberships. We accept new members at any time of the year, it is just simpler in January!

Our December raffle & Carolyn Pereira’s trunk show will be happening on January 17th.

Hope to see you there!!

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Sparkly Welcome for Soggy Quilters

When Guild members entered the Hall on Monday, they were soggy from the rainstorm and chilled from their walk in the parking lot. The whole main room of our meeting place was gloomy because from the huge wall of windows came not a drop of light. The view seemed to suck the light away from the room.

Waiting in line to sign in for the meeting, we noticed a flash of bright, swirling color straight ahead that made us smile. Even seeing the quilt from a distance, we were 99% sure of who made it. The 1% of doubt vanished after getting a closer look. We only knew of one quilter who would torture herself with precision paper piecing and perfectly set points on a pattern so fearsomely intense that you can’t look at it very long, unless you like feeling dizzy.

Diane explained this quilt was 3 years in the making. The pattern, “Brilliant Beauties of Joy”, was designed by Jacqueline de Jonge. Although it is difficult to tell from photographs, Diane applied 760 Swarovski crystals to the quilt for added sparkle. It is beautifully quilted by our own Jennifer Cabral.

Diane named her masterpiece ~ My Joy

BTW – I’m pretty sure that “My Joy” will be entered in this year’s Quilt Faire. Soooo, you will have a chance to admire it yourself!