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Member Trunk Show: Carolyn Pereira

In case you do not know the term “trunk show”, it’s one of those old terms referring to traveling salesmen or gypsies showing off their wares for sale. Displaying their items in trunks or large suitcases. Another way to display was using the trunks of their cars. Just a bit of trivia for ya.

Trunk shows at a quilt guild are not in the parking lot, but a lot of hauling, then displaying of quilts, wall hangings, and other items, takes place. And, these items are not for sale. They are to be admired as the audience listens to the stories about them.

We gathered around the front of the room – moving our folding chairs to be closer to the quilts and the speaker. The speaker is our 1st Vice President, Carolyn Pereira. The ZOOM laptop was also moved for our out-of-town members to see the show.

Carolyn’s “couch quilt”. Carolyn is on the far right. Next to her is Diane Mitchell and Robyn Slakey as her “Vanna’s”

Carolyn began by showing us the first quilt she ever made. It definitely was well-loved and used by her entire family. It was their “couch” quilt. She learned that you don’t want to use “cheap” fabrics when making a quilt because those fabrics will not remain as intact as the quality fabrics will.

An Early Appliqued Wallhanging
Quail Wallhanging
The Traveling Quilt
Pink Flowers Appliqued
This Bull won the 2019 Ironstone Vintners Award
Her first Sampler Quilt
Carolyn’s daughter’s Last Penguins