Members Showcase: Lorene Lucas

Lorene brought in her quilt collection and wow’ed us all with her talent. Not only were they very beautiful, but they were the largest quilts I’ve seen outside of a quilt show.

I tried to take a photo of each of her masterpieces to post here, so our readers can see them. The usual disclaimer applies: The Photography Never Does Come Close to the Real Thing (PNDCCRT) Just foolin’ we would never use that acronym. That being said, Thank You Lorene for sharing your hard work with us!

Quilts appear larger when trying to fold
Lorene also makes Walking Sticks!


A Close Up View


Close Up View
Wall Hanging

Future quilt in the planning stages

Member Showcase: Diane Mitchell

Diane Mitchell standing between “Intensity” and “Mikes Air Race Quilt”


Diane joined the Independence Hall Quilters Guild in 2005, the year her son went off to college. For the past 10-years she has been gracing the Mountain Heritage Quilt Faire (and our walls) with her talents.

“Flannel Raggedy” (1st Quilt) from class taught by Peggy at Country Cloth Shop.


Diane began her show with the first quilt she ever made. It was made with care and precision. It has applique, fringed squares and coordinating fabrics. Nothing at all about it says “beginner”.

Becky & Trisha (The Pink Ladies) help Diane display her”Crème Brulee”, the most recent quilt she finished. It is a Judy Niemeyer pattern called Bali Wedding Star.
A Closer Look

Diane loves to do what quilters call ‘paper piecing’.  She says it “relaxes” her. I have not done any paper piecing, but from what I’ve  heard from other members it is difficult and tedious.  This could be the reason some think she’s a little nuts.

In 2012 our “Guild’s Challenge” was to create a piece using only one color.  Diane’s wall-hanging won 1st place in that category at our annual Quilt Faire.  Paper piecing can be as simple as tulips, or as striking as the intricate “23 Shades of Purple”

23 Shades of Purple
“23 Shades of Purple” from a pattern created by Cindi Edgerton. It measures 28” square.
Diane and Tisha Cabral point out some interesting details of her “Somers Bay Sunrise.”

The quilt on the right, is from the Mariner’s Compass pattern by Judy Niemeyer, was one Diane made in a challenge posed by her hubby, Mike, who bet she could not make a quilt without using purple. Challenge met!

August 2009 Diane made 3 wall-hangings designed by Ricky Tims. The theme of these pieces is  “convergence”.

Royalty Converged
Royalty Converged
Fire & Ice
Fire & Ice
Forest Canopy
Forest Canopy

The fabrics in the last two used were hand-dyed by Ricky Tims and were in one-yard pieces. The challenge was to cut the fabric so the center became an image of its own.

Nicely done, Diane.

Glacier Ice - Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras



Amateur photography does not show enough detail of this Judy Niemeyer design, Diane did at Quiltworx Retreat ’12

Diane has worked hard keeping up with the latest techniques in paper piecing. The next quilt is a Judy Niemeyer design as well (also known as JNQ).

“Reflections” using Raindrops pattern by JNQ

Star of Wonder
“September in Asilomar” from her first Empty Spools seminar at Asilomar, taught by Jan Krentz in her Spiral Lone Star class.

Mike’s Escape, class taught by former IHQ member Doris Williams

“Sugar & Spice” based on a pattern in a Carol Doak book

More of Diane’s collection:

Christmas Tree Skirt
JNQ Christmas Celebration Tree Skirt pattern she calls “Star of Wonder”


Winter Ice
“Winter Ice” JNQ pattern One For All Seasons


2-colors Quilt
2-Color High Contrast quilt from class taught by IHQ member Roxanne Borean


My Happy Quilt
“My Happy Quilt” from Crazy Nine-Patch class taught at IHQ


For the Love of Jade
“For the Love of Jade” from Best Friends class taught by June Jaeger at Sisters


Butterflies Are Free To Fly
“Butterflies Are Free to Fly” from Ruth McDowell class taught at Asilomar


Caribbean Blue
“Caribbean Blue” from Storm at Sea class by John Flynn at PIQF


“I Left My Heart in Sisters” from class taught by Colleen Blackwood at Sisters


Back to Basics Sampler
IHQ Back to Basics Sampler
Nautilus Coral
“Nautilus Coral” from class taught by Barbara Shapel at Sisters


Room For Six
“Room For Six” from McKenna Ryan pattern of the same name



French Rose Buds
French Rose Buds


Rose Buds Reversed
Rose Buds Reversed




As you can see,Diane’s show was awesome! She brought 49 quilts to our meeting place, so these are just a sampling of what she has created. OK, I must admit it, the ones featured here are favorites of mine. Artistic license is fun 🙂


Special Thanks to:
Becky Smith and Trisha Cabral for holding and folding up quilts.

Photography and Blog Post
by Jodi Lea


Members Showcase: Jennifer Cabral

Jennifer Cabral

At our last IHQ meeting, we had the pleasure of admiring the work of one of our most prolific quilters, Jennifer Cabral.

Jennifer showed us masterpieces from her past, on up to recent projects. Her quilting and applique work is astounding. Although she does a lot of long-arm quilting, she still finds time to do hand quilting on some of her special projects.

Jennifer told us about her roots in Oklahoma, and how her two grandmothers taught her quilting. She told us many funny stories – about her childhood and family. She kept us laughing with her playful, self-depreciating sense of humor, while explaining about the different quilts and how and why she quilted them. A fun time was had by all.

Thank you Jennifer, for sharing your artistry and your stories!

A special thank you to Diane Mitchell and Trisha Cabral, for unfolding, holding and re-folding Jennifer’s artwork. Like Vanna White twins, only with quilts and not letters.
Photography by Chris Sellman & Jodi Greenfield.

Here is a random selection of Jennifer’s hard work, in case you missed her show…

Birds of Paradise

Appliqued Flower Blocks

Flamingos (under protest!)

Pointing Out Details

Log Cabin Flowers

Patriotic Family Challenge

Houses And Trees

This was a complicated pattern to do

Scrappy Log Cabin Blocks

Log Cabin Blocks Also!

Stained Glass Wall Hanging

Star & Flowers made With Scraps

Gazillions of Tiny Pieces