Our Quilt Faire

2022 Viewer’s Choice Awards


  • 1st Mary Sue Budrow “Santa”
  • 2nd Barbara Cleveland “Doreen” Ballerina
  • 3rd Barbara Cleveland “Rene”

Needle Art

  • 1st Mary Sue Budrow “Alphabet Sampler”
  • 2nd Micky McNamara “Geisha”
  • 3rd Eileen Roberson “Goldfinch”

Wearable Art

  • 1st Nadine Bowlus “Kimono Style”
  • 2nd Deby Stagliano “Cool Spring Day”
  • 3rd Mary Sue Budrow “Japanese Jacket”

Large Quilts

  • 1st Susan Campbell “Wrapped in Love”
  • 2nd Eileen Roberson “Autumn Leaves”
  • 3rd Deby Stagliano “Sunny Days”

Large Original Design

  • 1st Lynn Wilder “A Ribbon Runs Through It”
  • 2nd Lynn Wilder “Crossing the Pond”
  • 3rd Renorise Krause “Jacobs Journey”

Small Quilt

  • 1st Jocelyn Muncaster “Haunted House”
  • 2nd Candy Gutierrez “Gracie”
  • 3rd Mary Sue Budrow “Tiny Jewels”

Small Original Design

  • 1st Doris Lantz “Calico Horse”
  • 2nd Doris Lantz “Rhino”
  • 3rd Candy Gutierrez “Fences”

40 thoughts on “Our Quilt Faire

  1. I’m confused. Are the dates 10/21,22,23 or 10/28,29,30?
    Must make reservations too.
    Thank you!


      1. Will Foothill Soapworks be a vendor this year? I went to the 2021 show and was so disappointed that they weren’t there with their delicious lotions.


      2. Kristi,
        Thank you for asking! I will make sure that our vendor chair (TBD), gets the request for Foothill Soapworks and can follow up with this. Usually, we aren’t signing up vendors this early in the year. It will be soon, so we appreciate your feedback.

        Take care,
        Jodi Greenfield
        IHQ Website Team


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