Another Quilt Faire Survived


Today is Day 3 of the aftermath and I am still tired! Talking with other members this week I found that I am not alone in my slow recovery. The show takes a lot of effort and teamwork is the key.  When the team is short-handed it means more work for who’s left. The 49ers are experiencing the same thing this season…

A few random photos, of setup, the quilt room, and taking down of show items.  Sort of a “Teaser” for next year’s fun.



Stay Tuned Next Week for the Viewer’s Choice Awards!

Sun Printing

Last Monday one of our newest members, Caroline Earhart, taught a class called “Sun Printing”.  Upon seeing this technique used by Caroline in some of her quilts, we convinced her to teach a class for those who wanted to learn. Students spent time gathering leaves, sticks, ferns, branches, and bark before the class day, to put designs on fabric using solar energy.

We are looking forward to seeing what these ladies create from this amazing fabric!

                    A Lovely Tree Emerges
                     Sue & Margie Consulting
                 Valarie Works Her Masterpiece
                                  Solar Processing


Photos provided by Caroline Earhart

A Happy Start

Things could have gone wrong easily. The day before our scheduled class/sewing bee, it snowed. Our Monday meeting was cancelled, so no reminders about the class or more volunteer recruitment happened.

Yours truly started getting nervous. About a poor turnout, and serious delay of our 2019 Scholarship Quilt. Yours truly would be in very hot water if it wasn’t finished in time. I was almost to the point of panic by the time Lynn Wilder, our instructor and designer of the pattern “Heritage”, started setting up.

By 9:30 am, our classroom looked like a sweatshop! Sewing machines of all types and models were humming along as 23 quilters squeezed together.

                                                 Work, Work, Work!


                       A Fun and Productive Day. We are proud of all the blocks made!



                               A Fabulous Beginning for a Gorgeous Quilt

Until we meet again…

♥  TTFN  ♥

Member Showcase: Mary Sue Budrow

Mary Sue Budrow has a multitude of talents. She dabbles with a variety of techniques and the resulting products are eye-candy.

A log cabin pattern with one side solid black
Her first quilt was made using a collage method.









Scrappy Blocks
Bargello Wall Hanging
Embroidery and Applique Wreath
Each Block is like a Window
Stack of Wall Hangings #1
Stack of Wall Hangings #2