Our Next Workshop – Shoes

Follow the Shoes

On Memorial Day this year, our Guild will meet and decorate shoes. Not each other’s shoes, or even broken shoes. If you have attended our Quilt Faire at Ironstone Vineyards you probably noticed the shoes around the grounds. Each shoe is a piece of art in itself, but that is not the reason they line the pathways. If you follow the shoes, they lead you to the Quilt Show.

How did this come about? I will tell you the story as it was told to me. You will have to decide if you believe it…

If you remove the decorative plants, stones, and flowers from the winding path that travels along with Ironstone’s buildings, you would be looking at a confusing and intricate maze. The beautiful garden decor camouflages the nefarious purpose behind the winery’s design – to keep you there. A few paths actually take you to areas like the deli and wine tasting rooms. Also, to the Jewelry boutique and the antique vault. However, there are just as many pathways that lead to nowhere in particular. Like the Winchester Mystery House, without ghosts.

Because our Quilt Faire has many vendors, and demonstrations going on, people had a fun time and did not think anything was missing, until they returned home and realized they had not seen the splendid display of quilts, needlework, and dolls. We did not want this to happen anymore, so the “follow the shoes” procedure was established. Each year the shoes got more creative, blingy, and downright outlandish.

I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Classes · Quilt Faire

A Boutique Workshop

I spent today in our large side room we use for classes and workshops. We lug our sewing machines & supplies, set up our work areas, and work on projects for our Quilt Faire Boutique. Today was a free-for-all, meaning that whoever had “kits” to share brought them.

Linda made several “chicken kits” and one was on each table. “Everyone must make a chicken first thing this morning! It will take 5 minutes,” she said. Reading the instruction sheet caused several of us to panic. The instructions and diagrams were so complicated. The chickens were not complicated at all, and Linda walked us through the entire process. My chicken took 10 minutes to make, and I am the slowest one here. It was amazing.

When you finished a chicken, you passed it on to Karen. Karen was filling the chicks with crushed walnut shells to complete the pin-cushion chickens. Some gals kept making chickens. I chose to try a new thing this time – a table runner. I brought bunny kits to share because I was tired of making those. Two of our newest members (Liz and Lori) took kits and made some bunnies. I am so thrilled! Like I said, I am tired of making them.

The left front of the table has a few un-stuffed chickens. On the right side sit the smiling bunnies. Below them is a bin filled with bunny kits. The Bunnies sit at the table, showing off their cuteness, trying to entice more quilters to take a kit.

Deanna churned out chicken after chicken all morning, supervised by this momma hen she made.
Bunnies were multiplying at a good rate.
Lori is happy to make bunnies

Candy makes table runners look easy.

They are not. She has made a bazillion of them.

Things go much slower when you have made zero.


The Next Workshop May 16th –> Cord Bowls and Project Keepers


Free Motion Quilting Class

Mary Sue Budrow demonstrated her skill and passed along valuable tips in her overstuffed classroom on Monday, Jan 31. She did a demo of the stippling technique, and while students were practicing, Mary Sue walked around the classroom to answer questions and offer help. Before I had to leave, Mary Sue helped me figure out how to quilt a panel I was using to make a comfort quilt. I am so happy with the results I am getting. Her knowledge and experience with quilting techniques have benefitted all of us.

You can see how we paid rapt attention to everything she said!

Mary Sue (in blue) demonstrates options
Students concentrating and practicing


Cool Stuff · Members Showcase

Member Trunk Show: Carolyn Pereira

In case you do not know the term “trunk show”, it’s one of those old terms referring to traveling salesmen or gypsies showing off their wares for sale. Displaying their items in trunks or large suitcases. Another way to display was using the trunks of their cars. Just a bit of trivia for ya.

Trunk shows at a quilt guild are not in the parking lot, but a lot of hauling, then displaying of quilts, wall hangings, and other items, takes place. And, these items are not for sale. They are to be admired as the audience listens to the stories about them.

We gathered around the front of the room – moving our folding chairs to be closer to the quilts and the speaker. The speaker is our 1st Vice President, Carolyn Pereira. The ZOOM laptop was also moved for our out-of-town members to see the show.

Carolyn’s “couch quilt”. Carolyn is on the far right. Next to her is Diane Mitchell and Robyn Slakey as her “Vanna’s”

Carolyn began by showing us the first quilt she ever made. It definitely was well-loved and used by her entire family. It was their “couch” quilt. She learned that you don’t want to use “cheap” fabrics when making a quilt because those fabrics will not remain as intact as the quality fabrics will.

An Early Appliqued Wallhanging
Quail Wallhanging
The Traveling Quilt
Pink Flowers Appliqued
This Bull won the 2019 Ironstone Vintners Award
Her first Sampler Quilt
Carolyn’s daughter’s Last Penguins

We’re Back!

A New Year arrived with the dumping of snow and freezing temperatures. Well, it is winter up here in Arnold, so we knew it was coming. At least it is pretty to look at, while the power is on.

Photo courtesy of Margaret Zavertnik

After a day and a half, there was no power to be had. Comcast must not have a generator because they went down after a couple of hours. A generator allows for the coffee pot to produce coffee in the morning, hot water for a shower. It will not provide internet or telephone service, so a few of us in Arnold are cut off from the rest of the world. This can be somewhat relaxing and stress-free, for about a day. Not, however, for a week or two.

Our first meeting of the year was Monday, January 10. The rest of the month, the Membership Team will be available (in person!) to sign up new members and renew current memberships. We accept new members at any time of the year, it is just simpler in January!

Our December raffle & Carolyn Pereira’s trunk show will be happening on January 17th.

Hope to see you there!!