That’s Entertainment! (Continued)

During Pat’s Trunk Show, we learned things about Pat that we didn’t know before. Not things about her crafts so much, but her obvious talent as a Stand-up Comedian.

Pat Gomes started her show by unfolding a long yellow strip of paper containing her notes.

She was born a crafter in St. Paul.  Before the age of five, she was in and out of the hospital many times.  The most severe was when she fell out of a second story window as she leaned on the screen to look out at children playing below; the screen gave way. When she was in the hospital recovering from this, her mother brought her coloring books and crayons, which she shared with another little girl in the room.  However, that girl left the next day, taking Pat’s book and crayons!  At age seven, Pat was making paper flowers from Kleenex and a hairpin and selling them to neighbors for 2 cents each.

In 1955, Pat moved to California with her mother and sister.  She was dating two guys, one during the day and one in the evening; she was engaged to one of them.  Her mother suggested that she marry the one with the better job, which she did.  Her husband dug graves for a living; the other man washed dishes.

Pat has a son, a daughter, and four grandchildren.  She worked for U.S. Windpower as an overhaul mechanic, repairing transmissions and brakes on wind-energy generating machines.  She moved to a cabin in Arnold, where she raised her grandson from the time he was in second grade.  He is now 26, married, and working at Big Trees Market in the produce section.

The first quilt she made by getting fabric and making enough blocks for a king-sized bed. When she finished piecing the blocks, she bought a king-sized blanket and a king-sized sheet and sewed the three layers together.  It was very heavy.  Her daughter-in-law told her that quilt ended up under her son’s car.  Her husband is into old cars and has just given her a 1957 Ford as a present.

For a time, she raised poodles.  She bought a male that had only one descended testicle; the vet recommended that she massage him to bring down the other one. She has shown Great Danes in dog show, switching from competitions based on confirmation to obedience trials.

She still looks for lost old men.

Pat displayed a collection of ribbons she had won at various fairs.  She sometimes submitted her entries under her dog’s name.  The crafts on the table included a wooden man and a variety of porcelain dolls (for which she has the molds): a life-sized baby doll, three small elderly women sitting on a bench together (labeled board/bored?) which won Viewer’ Choice, a Santa Claus, and an elegant witch.  The wall beneath the clock at the end of the room had three quilts she had made and a shirt.

Five years ago, she had a stroke.  The doctor told her husband, “She needs a hobby”.  (Peals of laughter from the audience.)  She had six months of speech and physical therapy.

One day, she drove by Hazel Fischer School and noticed all the cars parked by Independence Hall.  She stopped in to find out what was going on and discovered IHQ. Although she considers herself to be a crafter, not a quilter, she greatly enjoys being a member of this group and she is always talking to other people about IHQ.

Pat apologized if she has offended anyone. “You guys made me crazy!” She finds that IHQ has changed her for the better; she is more outgoing and happier.

 The audience enthusiastically applauded!

      Written By IHQ’s Vida “Ace” Kenk
Photo provided by Edie Diegoli & Facebook

That’s Entertainment!

On our Guild calendar we had a Member Trunk Show scheduled between our Quarterly business meeting and luncheon. Longtime Member, Pat Gomes, finally was talked into showing her stuff.
When approached last year about doing a show, she balked, “I’m a crafter, not a quilter!”
“Then I guess you will be showing us your crafts.”

After saying she would think about it (usually this means “No way!” in my experience), Pat came to me the next week, and said she decided to do a show after all.

No one knew exactly what to expect. We have seen Pat’s artwork, and crafts as a vendor at our annual quilt show. She was very talented, we knew that. What we did not know was her talent as a stand-up comedian.

I would say that she kept us riveted to our seats with her autobiography, -except, we could hardly stay in our seats – we were laughing so hard.

It wasn’t her life that was funny, it was the way she talked about it. The items she brought to share, were special to her, her first quilt, her first doll, her favorite “Old Lady Dolls” and a large St. Nicholas doll.

Several members told her she should take her act out on the road.  I hope she is not considering that. It is hard enough to book our Quarterly trunk shows and we will want her back next year, for sure.

The following photos were taken by a non-professional who tried…


We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends…

This morning Two members from the Lodi, “Tokay Stitch ‘N Quilt Guild”, graced our Hall with the stunning “Bali Jewels”, Opportunity Quilt for their Quilt Show. They are selling raffle tickets for this quilt that will be raffled off in 2020.

The Lodi show is on November 13th & 14th, 2020. It will be held at the 1st Baptist Church on Mills Ave., Lodi. Raffle tickets to win this quilt are:
$1 per ticket
$5 for a bundle of six tickets
Gee – that sounds familiar, heh?

Vera Nelson and Rose Padilla from Tokay Stitch ‘N Quilt Guild

It was really a shame that Diane Mitchell was absent this morning, since the designer of this intricate and paperpieced quilt is Judy Niemeyer.

If Diane has not made this pattern before, I bet we will see it at our 2019 show.

Speaking of 2019, I wish I asked Vera and Rose what their quilt for 2019 was up to…





Quilters Go To Camp!

If you happened to pass by Independence Hall on Monday the 22nd, around 10:45 am, it looked like the place was being robbed.  Women carrying ironing boards, irons, cutting mats, design walls & rulers, out of the building and loading them into a large truck. Then, came the large bins of electrical cords, surge-protectors and power strips.  When the truck was packed full, ladies carried left-over items to their cars.

Quilt camp began on Tuesday, after hauling all that stuff from the Hall AND getting tables and electrical power figured out. Whew!

The hardest work of the day was setting up our personal bedding, suitcases & multiple tote bags full of snacks, jammies, toiletries, and medications. Then, we had to set up our personal sewing space – sewing machine + fabric, thread, needles, scissors, small cutting boards, small irons and pads, and projects to work on. Thank goodness we each had a large 8 foot table to ourselves. Our crap (whoops!) “stuff” spilled over to underneath our table and the floor surrounding it.

You may see some of the mess in the background of the photos, but the photographer tried to crop it out. The Guild’s professional photographer was not at camp, so the not-so-professional one did the best she could with the random shots taken….


Jackie making striped blocks

Karin (foreground) and Dana manage to focus despite the chaos…

Cathie & Carolyn working hard, while Emily takes a break.

Phyllis must have really ticked off Kathy this time!

Tish at cutting table and Diane sewing away

Peggy working diligently

Jo and Kathy watching Valerie, Joanne & Janet consult on a project

Two Karen’s, a Donna, a Susan and Mary Sue – either working hard or ignoring the photographer…

Candy and Mary Sue working together on separate things

Jo, Peggy and Nadine get serious with their work

Joanne, Janet and Valerie still discussing matters…

So there you have it – a glimpse into our Guild’s annual camp. It is only a tiny glimpse, because you know… what happens at camp, stays at camp.

We Are Still Here!

Dear Members & Faithful Readers,

Despite the floods, snow, ice and power outages, we mountain quilters are hanging in there. We got to meet on Monday the 25th for the first time this month. Yeah!

Events scheduled on the 3 snowy Monday’s, are being rescheduled and shuffled around. Our on-line Events Calendar will show those changes by the 28th, if my cold doesn’t get worse.

Regarding Classes:
The Row by Row Class (Rows 3 & 4) from the 18th will now be held on March 5th starting at 10:00 am. Note: March 5th is a Tuesday.

The crayon applique technique, originally on Feb. 4th, taught by Candy Gutierrez, will happen on March 14th at 10:00 am. Note: March 14th is a Thursday.

On March 11 we added a short Binding Class at 11:30 – this demo has been in demand and we plan to keep it short and around lunchtime so we lessen the impact on our Comfort Quilt Day.

Those are the changes effecting March. Refer to your member’s calendar book, or the online copy for updates!

♥  Happy Quilting  ♥

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