IHQ Going Global

Our 2019 Scholarship Quilt, “Heritage”, designed by Lynn Wilder, and pieced by members of the Independence Hall Quilters, is going to be featured in QuiltMania magazine in the Jan/Feb edition.   QuiltMania is a very “high end” quilt magazine printed in French, Dutch, and English, and is distributed worldwide. 

Lynn was able to borrow the quilt from the raffle winner, who happily lives locally.  She had to ship the quilt to France, so the magazine could do a photoshoot.  You can imagine how excited Lynn is about it all –  “I can’t wait to see what they do with it!”
Our entire guild is excited along with her. Many of us made blocks (under Lynn’s direction) for Heritage, so we have a part in the history of this beautiful creation. Yours truly made two of the intricate 56-piece blocks. That’s right, fifty-six little pieces – one block.
QuiltMania’s editor saw a photo of our Scholarship quilt on Lynn’s Etsy site and contacted her.  They wanted to feature the quilt and tell about our guild.  Lynn is putting together information about our guild and the quilt, at the magazine’s request.  Also, the guild will get compensation for featuring our quilt – great news for the scholarship fund!



The Quirks We Have

How ridiculous does this sound?

I spent hours this weekend using a seam ripper to get garment tags out of my clothing. Then, because the tags are sewn in with seams stronger than the garment has itself, I now have a pile of mending to do.

I refer to the above “quirk” as performing tag-ectomies.  The reason behind it all is that I absolutely cannot stand any scratchy tag touching me. I have no clue what they call the fabric they use for tags – maybe, it isn’t even fabric. 

These days a tag-ectomy consists of removing two tags from the back of the neck and one or two sewn into the side seams.

One of the neck tags is large and boldly announces the manufacturer. The second neck tag may or may not tell you where the garment was made, the fabric ingredients, and who can read that small print anyway?  The side tag(s) has laundry instructions that can be quite humorous. 

‘Dry Clean Only’ should never be instructions for 100% cotton blends.  Most of my dresses and sweaters say “Wash in cold water. Dry flat.”  I suppose I am going to have to purchase a couple of hammocks because I only have 2 guest room beds (which are busy organizing my stash and designing quilts at the moment).

Anywho, that is my rant about tags.  Thanks for listening.


So…  What is YOUR quirk?  We really want to know! Enjoy a rant in the comments 

♥  TTFN  ♥