Mary Sue Budrow


Like many women of my generation, my mother first taught me to sew clothes when I was about 12. I was the oldest of eight children, so if I wanted more than a couple outfits I needed to sew myself. Some of my first attempts were pretty questionable, but by high school I was making most of my clothes.

 I took my first quilting class at age 30, pre marriage and pre kids. About 10 years later I went to my first quilting retreat. It was three days, with a different class each day. The experience changed my life, and quilting has been my great passion ever since.

I like all genres of quilting. I quilt most of my own quilts on my domestic machine. I like traditional quilts, modern quilts, and art quilts. I feel there is always so much more to learn about every detail, and treasure all my friends who share my interest. I was the president of IHQ for 2019 and 2020. The people in the Independence Hall Quilt Guild are a great community treasure as well as my dear friends.

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