Tips & Tricks

Perfect Matching Seams

To have perfectly matched/meshed seams when quilting use Clover Fork Pins.  They are very fine pins with a diameter of 0.56.  You insert one side of the pin into each side of the  seam.  You need only to stitch to the pin, pull it out with the raised forked each time you come to a seam.  Your pieced quilt will have perfectly matched corners.  

Trick provided by Candy Gutierrez













Folder Star Trivet
You need 64 rectangles measuring 3 by 4 inches. You have to fold under a quarter of an inch on the 4 inch side. I am going to show how easy it is to use an index card to help with folding it over.
Also I use an index card for paper piecing to fold right on the line for your next seam. It is easier to fold with the index card and then use your add a quarter ruler.

Trick provided by Sue Bishop